Mobility and new classes

Why do you devs insist on giving new classes ridiculous mobility where they can fly all over the place in an instant? Its ridiculous in PVP

Dragons are flying around like Godzilla placing fire walls halfway across the map. When you finally get to them they just press another button and flay away.

Demon Hunters got huge mobility as did monks when they dropped.

Why would you do this and not give old specs similar?


I’d like 2 charges of Disengage.


Just go arcane. I cant seem to catch an arcane mage to save my life


PvP was ruined when Monks were added. They were zoom zoom so everyone needed to be zoom zoom to keep up with Monks. Then they needed to make everyone tanky and have healing because everyone had 100% uptime.

Games bad and won’t be good till they just flat out remove half of the abilities in the game and gut healing across the board.


When you say “everyone”, you mean everyone except rogues. We are less mobile and less tankie than we were before monks got here.

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What’s always been weird to me is all the crying about warlocks when locks are turrets and most crying, especially melee, have way more mobility and other abilities locks don’t have.


Warlocks have quite a bit of cc and are very tankie. I can unload on a warlock and their health will barely move. With their various forms of cc they maintain distance long enough to throw up some dots and get off few chaos bolts.

Go into any random BG and warlocks are topping the boards with HK’s and damage.

Current meta has range classes dominating.

Evokers are extremely susceptible to roots, by the by.

Yeah rogues are easy to kill now but we aint talkin about htat are we?
We are discussing the evokers,DH and monks get out of death free cards and ridiculous mobility.
All the new stuff is getting crazy.

Boomkins, warriors, dhs, ele sham also topping those random bg charts.

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Not really. It’s mostly been ranged specs these past few weeks. Hunters, warlocks and mages have some crazy burst. They hang around the fringes of a battle and pick off the melee.

I’m not saying a melee can’t be found at the top. Warriors and Rets are doing fine. But ranged specs are dominating.

True. It’s kind of what you have to do otherwise no casts are getting off.

bruh, remember the glpyh that like added 50% distance and height to disengage, that was fun as heck!

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I do not know how many randoms you do per week, but this simply isn’t true. This is by far a melee xpac.

I do remember - good times. The next best thing, I’ve found, is putting the Flexweave Underlay on your cloak (doesn’t share the same CD with the Goblin Glider), and then macroing its use together with Disengage.

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Are you mad? You seem mad.

Also feel free to NEVER read anything I post here. It will make you less mad and neither of us wants that.

I do a lot of random bg’s. It’s all I do when I’m not raiding. From what I’m seeing, ranged players are having a field day. And it’s going to get worse as they get geared.

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It’s really neither melee or caster, but a combo of a few specs in each category.


If only I could zoom zoom :smiling_face_with_tear:

What does that have to do with the new specs getting so much fly around the map mobility like the OP is about?