Mob aggro proximity

The largest thing that has felt “off” to be so far this beta, has been Mob’s NOT aggroing me from ranges where I’d have more than expected them to be pulling, and I’m curious to get other player feedback on this as well as I’ve had other players in game make similar comments.

Curious to get other testers’ feedback on this, because it “feels” like something is off… I distinctly remember getting mobs while mounted in STV still aggroing a 60 riding by and causing authentic explitive laden tirades via daze-dismounting… where on beta I feel like I’ve had multiple pats within 2 levels of my character walk within 10 yards facing me and then still not pull… Overall I feel like this issue might need some investigation.

So how has mob aggro radii felt to the rest of you?


We saw many similar reports in the first few days of the WoW Classic Beta Test.

As a result, we ran a multitude of comparisons with our 1.12 reference client. In doing so, we varied the player levels and enemy levels. In conclusion, we didn’t see any discrepancies with aggro radius.

I’m adding this to our not-a-bug list / forum post.

Thank you for the feedback!


Thanks for all the hard work and attention to detail.


Thanks for the update. Please look into the alleged “low damage” output of elites inside dungeons quite a few are talking about.

That’s concerning. I’d help to test this myself but… ya know. :wink:


Good job!

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I think it feels pretty similar… what’s noticeable is how mobs that are much higher aggro from very far away, which felt very classic-like.

If anything, the leashing seems a bit easier than I remember.

maybe you just have become more skiled?

Good to know it’s legit. Level difference is definitely a huge factor, which is skewing peoples’ memories, including mine.

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Indeed, it would appear that it HAS to be minor level differences/variations mob to mob causing the issue I’ve seen/mentioned here.

No thank YOU, for taking the time to investigate thoroughly, particularly when it was a relatively “subjective” feedback topic/report.

Definitely a case of private servers having it wrong. Aggro on PServers are so off. Been nice to see face pulling carefully actually working for players on Beta.

It definitely felt off but on the other hand it has been almost 14 years since I leveled a pre-TBC character and I don’t think I leveled at all when 1.12 was the current patch so I can’t really trust my memory on this one.

Quick question, What’s the agro radius of a lvl 28 entering felwood :D?

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Only thing I’ve noticed a couple of times regarding aggro on streams. Is that sometimes feared mobs or mobs running away, don’t pull other mobs nearby.

Yep this is a private server thing. Go on a private server at 60, and walk between the giants in Maraudon.

This is the easiest test you can run. You have to be pixel perfectly centered to not aggro them on Private servers. On classic it was super easy, you had LOTS of aggro range leeway to walk between them without aggroing them. And its the same for a level 60s aggro radius on the snakes/iguanas in Maraudon at level 60 on PServers versus actual classic.

Private Servers had it wrong.

For those who want to test it and want video proof:

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I remember doing that in Wrath. I had to corpse ran back to Ashenvale. I died like 5 or 6 times by the time I got out of Felwood.

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I am not in the beta, so I have no idea what is the aggro distance.

But, as far as I remember, level difference plays a huge role - if you are 5 levels below, you’ll aggro half of the zone, and if you are 5 levels above, then you could basically go right next to the NPC, and not get aggro.

I even recall walking very close to raid bosses. Like, very close.

Also the air-speed velocity of either an unladen swallow, or a troll that’s accidentally teleported himself 50 yards above Gadgetzan.

I have experience with one.

Hopefully a joke, but the game does not measure a player’s skill and therefore cannot reduce the range at which mobs aggro based on such a measurement.

Bigger monitors.

With a greater field of view, mobs that would’ve been off the boundary of your old 4:3 screen are now visible.


That’s actually a very good point. Didn’t even think of that. Even my widescreen laptop had a resolution of 1280×720 back then.