Mmr change

Do we know if the inflation has been activated yet or if they’re still waiting for the hot fix ? I know they mentioned they were going to apply it asap but wasn’t sure if it was implemented yet.

If it is implemented and documented, anyone know what the actual change was that they hot fixed?

Asking cause the top of the ladder at least in RSS looks very similar as it did last week

It’s not happening til maintenance dunno why people think they hotfixed already it says that in there post Tuesday !

I think people though so because I could have sworn in the original post it said hotfixed asap, leading me to believe they would do it prior to the weekly maintenance

Yeah I don’t see any mention of a timeline. I don’t see anywhere Tuesday, December 19th is mentioned even.

For all I can tell, “as soon as possible” means Tuesday, January 15th. Or Tuesday, May 6th. Or Tuesday, July 21st, 2025. :woman_shrugging:

Just keep queueing. :running_woman:

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I assumed when they said PvP related tuning incoming on 19th included the class tuning and mmr tuning

Ok. :woman_shrugging:

I was under the impression that part of what made it a hot fix is that it didn’t rely on Tuesday downtime to implement, all this mmr stuff should be back end code that is seperate from the game.

The game probably hits an api endpoint and submits both teams mmr and the results and it calculates the results, idk I’m guessing.

Anyways I still am wondering if it’s in effect yet or if I did just climb another 100 rating by all the practice I’ve been doing

If they have already implemented it, it hasn’t worked barely any movement on ladders

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Its 2 free welfare mmr a day btw lmao

Lmao I was expecting big changes on Tuesday looks like il sit til end of season again

How you know this?

this, there’s no implication that it’s even scheduled for reset just that they’re working on it and asap usually implies it could be a little while

besides that even if they did change mmr in some form people would still have to play and climb so you’d be waiting a week+ AFTER the changes to see the ladder actually move

they explained how the mmr post SLS1 works in DFS1

they don’t start adding mmr until week 10 generally though
nobody knows if they’d started earlier this season

I mean, you can do what I do and play the game just cause it’s fun

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The forums aren’t packed with many people who

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Going from 1100 cr to 1700 cr in one series of solo q games is fun.

Makes me feel like a big balla!

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I can’t remember where I saw it but it is going live Tuesday. But yes, the original blue post was rather vague on timing.

Tldr: noone knows (because blizzard likes to be vague)

When I do this it’s when I queue BGB. :dracthyr_heart:

do you even know what the proposed adjustments to inflation will be? like why is everything a secret here. why are we totally left in the dark.

Yeah what does the change actually mean?