MMObyte just released the top ten MMORPG's of 2019

Sadly even the most qualified reviewer is often bought and sold :frowning: I prefer to just give everything okay and make up my own mind.

Except everyone knows who Siskel and Ebert were, even people that didn’t like movie critics and their grandmother’s bingo group. People that are so retentive that they’ll argue the semantics of the minutia of WoW and or any other MMO have no clue who these people are.

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So you are telling me, on Metacritic, that a lousy 300 user ratings more than Legions brought BFA down to a 3.1? I do not think so. If BfA was so good there would be more positive scores from players period, do not give me a “review bombing” excuse, just admit, more players cant stand this “Dumpster Fire”! Leave it at that. Looking at the Legion player score, it was just a matter of fact players liked it FAR FAR more than BfA, period.

Review bombing, yeah ok. Its just when more people are displeased with a product they will speak out. Just because they do not leave a detailed “essay” on why they hate it has no baring on the matter.

I can bet you that even the critic score for BfA would be in the 50’s at best if it were rated today. This expansion is in shambles.


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So this got moved because it shows WoW at the bottom huh? Its abour WoW and other games, GD is GENERAL Discussion, and ANYTHING with WoW included in it falls under that title. Nice way to bury it. Guess all the MVP’s posting in here is why it was moved.

What a petty move.

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I agree with Blitz though about this being moved. Least this thread and GD have some semblance with involving the game itself and yet they allow : GD Lounge # Reforged.

They even have it in their FAQ:

“That means you don’t need to talk about WoW (b)ut you can do it), you can talk about whatever you want. Blizzard, your life, other video games, tv shows, books you name it.”

I like how at the time you decided to write this, the only “knighting” people were doing was asking why what MMObyte says should matter… which both you and OP have yet to give a good reason for.

Get over yourself.

I agree though, it’s too common people make these “knighting or shill” claims without having common sense in their oppositions’ stance.

If someone enjoys their time spent playing this game, they’re less likely to be influenced by outside opinion no matter the credentials of said critic.

Sometimes people can’t agree to disagree.

I do not have a problem with myself. Si it must just be a you problem.


This isn’t about you having a problem with yourself. This is about you making an overblown statement to discredit legitimate inquiries.

In fact, you’re white knighting OP.

Actually no. When someone doesn’t play the actual game, and instead chooses to use their free time to venture to the forums in support of other players leaving so Blizzard can see there needs to be blatant change, it doesn’t mean WoW does other things better than MMO’s. Also yeah, the GS population tends to be people like you. People who want to hang in MG while hiding on some alt that obviously isn’t their main for blatant reputation reasons.

someone has way too much time, if that is what you are doing.

What is considered valuable use of your time is based on perspective.

A big issue with BFA is a huge chunk of the content is considered a waste of time with no valuable rewards for people. You’re here too, so guess you kind of agree.


I am in the game on characters on two accounts right now just scanning the auction house and reposting auctions. My actions will achieve what I set out to do, unlike yours.

Haha so you do agree. Not enough to do in the actual game besides mess with auctions and post on the forums. All you need to do is advocate for the extremely necessary change BFA needs instead of ignoring these issues and you’ll be right on track.

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How do you see that as agreement ? I am rarely on this forum without being in the game doing something. Earlier this morning I did the emissary on 7 characters and a did the warfront on one so far, then for the last hour I mined ore and farmed leather. And first thing this morning I did the questline for lil’ben and posted 3 of them on the auction house.

So you see the game is just fine for me, I spent 4 hours or so today already playing it.

And you want to know what else. By doing all that content on a daily basis I am sending blizzard a message that that content is desirable.

Haha 3600 posts vs my 178. Seems you hang here much more than you think.

Also that’s what you did? Not enough to do on the main so did the same thing on the alts, and hung on the AH? I remember in past expansions (not WoD) having so much to do on my main with desirable rewards such as Artifacts and their skins implemented in unique ways.

But hey if you truly believe the current state of content is sufficient, you do you and we’ll do us by fighting for this game to improve drastically by putting out voices out there just as you have.

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Can you not even read.

my 3700 posts means I am in the game a lot.

But hey keep telling yourself you would rather be playing FF.

No I can read, but that just tells me the game itself isn’t really enough to keep you engaged. 3600 posts is quite a lot. But hey, keep telling yourself everything is fine, and I’ll continue putting my voice out there advocating for necessary change.

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The game would keep me engaged if I didn’t spend so much time on flight paths. My biggest complaint is with no flying, however, I am flexible enough to work around that by finding something else to do on flight paths.

You know you aren’t on here to lend support to people who are quitting, you are on here trying to spread your misery. Sorry not interested, I like the game.

Oops, just noticed this got move to off topic.