Mistweaver needs an Update

idk what this new mog is but i dont like it, sir!

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Oh my, I didnt even notice xD

I had mogged to one of the Trade post sets and I guess it’s not showing up on the profile. So now I guess I am in my underwear xD

I think I even went back to my orange Xuen set from Legion too before logging last night, it just hasnt updated yet :3

The Xuen set’s are life. <3

I already have HoV this week on +19. Last week 20’s were with friends who had never even done a +19 or many 18’s. The tank really had no route. If i get a real +20 HoV this week I will show it. I just need to get the key.

Thanks man, you’re a legend.

I think I’d average about 15% less damage overall damage than you do Fistweaving. It also looks like what I’m doing wrong is not using Vivify 200 times in a key when Fistweaving or stacking enough Mastery.

Do you find yourself having to rely on Vivify more as you climb in key levels? What happens when you need 70k+ HPS for a boss fight? Does Fistweaving sustain those sorts of numbers for 2-3 minutes when only hitting a single target?

This is how I feel in good groups and I rarely find it in pugs. The dungeon becomes one huge chain pull, everything gets faster and every pull is bigger. Interesting to see Fistweaving make up only 30% of your overall healing. I’m definitely trying to get too much done with Ancient Teachings healing when I play Fistweaver and instead should be pressing Vivify and Enveloping a lot more.

Yeah this week is dragging me down horribly because of spiteful.

It kind of depends on the group and dungeon. We all need to adapt to the type of group we are given. Pugs are so random. You never know what type of tank you’ll get. I only had 99 vivify casts in Jade and 123 in NO. The azureblade fight today was 17 casts. ~75k a per instant vivify really isn’t bad. I like it.

O yeah! I was doing fire lady in CoS on Tuesday and I was sitting at 87k for the entire fight (I feel this group was doing something wrong). As mistweavers are so good at holding steady high HPS. For example, Kurog in raid is a GREAT fight for us because we have this insane passive healing. Granted this is a raid but still its what we excel at!

Exactly! I keep trying to tell people to use their entire kit. This is why I say we are Mistweavers. We do amazing stuff.

:panda_face: :panda_face: :panda_face: :panda_face:

Once again, I always try to get us buffed! I want MW to be better and be seen as good in the community. I have a PTR forum post asking for some quality of life buffs. Check it out and add stuff you wanna see improved for Mistweaver. We should try to make sheilun’s even better! Or always instant vivify again. OR off GCD Chi-ji / Yu’lon!


Looks like some decent changes coming in the next hotfix for MW, including two focused on Soothing Mist talents this time:

I’ve honestly always skipped Peaceful Mending in caster builds, but I guess at some point they’re going to buff it to the point that it’s kind of impossible to ignore in a SooM build. Edit: not sure if I’d even take it now though since I’d have to either give up Sheilun or the Unison line. :man_shrugging: Maybe when they get to 100% I’ll give it a shot!

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Clouded Focus going to 20% and Peaceful Mending to 50% are pretty big improvements on top of 3% overall.

If Peaceful Mending increases the Tear cleave on Enveloping it’s going to be a huge buff for the caster build.

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Yea I like the Clouded Focus change. Peaceful Mending is in a spot that makes it hard to want to give anything up for it but I’ve never actually tried it.

I agree my issue with that talent is it’s placement, and it’s now competing directly with sheilun to get down to tear

It currently does not, it will however add the bonus to unison targets however helpful that would be.

My biggest reason for not taking peaceful mending is it suffers from win more syndrome. Soothing mist builds generally don’t need more healing on their SM target, they need more healing on their non SM targets.

If you could heal any target while channeling SM peaceful mending would be more useful but if you could casting monk builds would probably need nerfs not buffs lol. Seriously though, screw having SM while moving like a lot of people keep asking for, allow me to heal any target while still channeling SM and you’ve got me sold! Or even imagine "Peaceful mending: While channeling soothing mists you may cast vivify or enveloping mist 1/2 times on any target without breaking your soothing mists channel.



  • Restoration
    • All healing reduced by 3%. This does not apply to PvP combat.


  • Preservation
    • All healing reduced by 5%.

Finally :3

General healing buff is nice, buff to Viv too. CF buff will be nice in m+ but I still wish it achieved it’s full stacks at 2 instead of 3. PMending buff is neat but like others have said we dont really need a that much more ST healing, esp if you run tears/CF already, and it’s placement is meh, also sheilun’s is more fun. Good to see them buffing underperforming talents though.


Slowly the gap between those and other healers will close.

Yes I agree. I still believe making the first stack be immediately there at the beginning of Soothing Mist would be more useful than a stronger CF.
This would be more flexiible. A stronger CF results in a stronger cleave healing, though.

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These buffs are exactly what I have been looking for! I love playing the SooM build/caster build but lately have found them to be lacking. In all my raid testing going the more passive healing has won out and its been annoying me since the last time I played monk hardcore was MoP and WoD and that is such a different monk than Dragonflight. But I love Unison and peaceful mending. I seriously get +1mil healing from SooM/Unison & additional 1Mil from the statue SooM and it’s Unison and they also proc Peaceful Mending! Like I’m going bonkers over these changes! And then to add to that the Clouded Focus! I’m loving this! I’ve also been finding that the better I get at ReM juggling/spreading/splitting the more milage I get out of my Vivify and it’s cleave. Lately I’ve been trying to keep 6+ clouds up at a time.

CF was already technically stronger than AT for raid on some bosses, it’s just nearly impossible to play it perfectly since it depends on getting a high amount of rem’s out during peak damage events.

Nice to see those buffs though

These buffs sound great. I can’t wait. The caster build has always been my go to and this will help to make it feel better and close the gap between MW and the others.

100% agree on soothing mists feeling like it’s never pressed. Also, does Sheilun’s Gift really need to have a 2 second cast? Would MW be overpowered if they just made it instant-cast? At the very least make it an instant-cast HoT that applies the heal over 3-4 seconds.

Feels horrible to press in dungeons at the moment.

Tbh, SG feels a lot better on a mistweaver than a fistweaver. I think this talent was meant for the caster build but I could be wrong.

MW developers need to just choose whether it’s a melee healer or not. It’s the only spec where they are trying to jam two specs into one talent tree.

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Honestly in raids it’s been a wonderful gap filler for fistweaving, since it provides a pretty consistent large heal that otherwise doesn’t really exist.

Not really. Its just a different build within the MW tree. Its fine to have different builds. Both builds are working to high keys and in raid. Our tree is really amazing. We have multiple different builds which most classes can’t claim. I think its great to see build diversity.