Mission Table Greyed Out

My wife’s command table at the Garrison in Draenor is not working. When she clicks on the command table the Garrison Mission Report View Completed Missions is greyed out. There is a follower returning from a mission and nothing can be completed. New missions can not be started. There are only 5 followers I believe. There are no addons. Any help would be appreciated.

Well assuming shes unlocked it and its still showing grey that sounds like a display issue which is usualy due to a corrupted UI id still do a full UI reset.


That is strange, Bankington. I’m seeing the same thing on that character so it doesn’t appear to be a UI issue.

I have to say I haven’t seen that happen before. Unfortunately, I don’t have a workaround for this one, but I would recommend that she post in the Bug Report forum. Be sure to include the character name/realm that is experiencing this and if she can, a screenshot of what she is seeing.

Hopefully, our QA team will be able to take a look and figure out what it going on.


It’s me! I’m the one with the grayed-out mission table. Rotundo of Echo Isle here.

I know, Ahmmah, I was able to find your account based on your spouse’s and could see for myself what you were experiencing. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, I can’t really do anything with the report here (I’m not QA and can’t fix bugs), so I’d recommend popping next door to the Bug Report forum and provide what details you can.

If you can take a screenshot of what your seeing in that post, that would help (You can use the Preformatted text option to post a URL for that if you use it).

If I do figure out a workaround to that you can access your Command Table, I’ll let you know here. Until then, we’ll have to see if QA can figure out what is causing it.


We accidentally found a mission table at Telaari Station. Rotundo clicked on that table and was able to complete the mission. We returned to our Garrisons and Rotundo was able to open his mission table and start some new missions. The completed missions were accessable.


This is interesting. I have the same identical problem that Rotundo had. The 1st mission won’t finish and is grayed out. However, when I went to Telaari Station (and other WoD Outposts) I still was unable to finish that 1st mission. None of my other characters have this difficulty. I hope they find a solution soon.

So 2 points

  1. Check the dates this thread is a yr old rule of thumb 2 or 3 weeks leave them be year or more never more necroing.

  2. Best thing u can do is report it as a bug.

Thanks for the info. I had already reported the bug & yes, I know it’s an oldish thread…sigh…

And i get that but the thing is necroing a thread just to say i hope it gets fixed soon is talking to the void since no one that looks at these things come here thats why its bad necroing.

Actually, I replied to 3 threads, all about the same problem. One of them is quite recent and is a few weeks old. The other two are about 1-2 years old. I’m hoping if they see 3 of them about identical problems that they will take notice. After all they do read these boards.
I won’t argue that necroing is generally useless, but this problem appears to be a few years old. Hopefully 3 threads & a bug report will get them to notice it.

They do, but the team that collects bug reports only read the bug report forum.

Job scope is a large function of how Blizzard operates. Support forums as a whole otherwise are not read at all for suggestions, feedback, or bug reports.


Actualy this is the one forum where the dev dont come to nor do the blues pass along feedback this is more of a blackhole for feedback/suggestions/bugs.


Of the 3 threads in question only this one is under ‘Customer Support’. The other 2 are in the bug report forum. I admit that this is a bit of an overkill, but I have seen that when you attack a problem from multiple angles that you get more of a response.

However, thanks for the info.

Not to nit pick but ur ignoring vrak that told the OP where to post where the QA team will see bug forums not here. This is more of a player to player support desk.

No problem. Like I said the other 2 threads (one of which is recent) are in the bug report forums. We’ll if there is any response early this week .

The other issue with posting in older treads is that the issue the original thread is about has a very good chance of not being the same problem you are having. The original issue is likely patched since the original post was made. Multiple bugs can show in-game the same way even though they have different causes.

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You may be correct…but you may be wrong. One of the threads was from the end of February, which isn’t long ago. This problem doesn’t seem to be affecting many people (not many people play in WoD anymore) but it does seem to be persistent. The best way to solve the problem is to point this out to them. Whether it is an old or new bug is for them to figure out.