Missing characters

Pretty much the title. Made a gnome warlock in classic yesterday and its not showing up. I thought maybe there was a limit to the amount of characters that could be shown so i deleted all the alts I did not want thinking it might show up. Still hasnt shown up sadly. Ive done all the things you recommended as well and nothings changed.

Did this ever get resolved for you? I’m missing some characters as well and wanted to see if you had to do anything in particular to get them to show up in the list.

nope sadly. I thought hmm maybe theres a limited amount of character that can be shown at once so I deleted all the alts I had from retail and nothing new showed up idk why it sucks though.

So, I followed some of the steps here - Troubleshooting Steps for Missing Characters on the WoW Forums - and that cleared up my issues. Specifically logging into the game with those characters helped.

What level is your gnome warlock that you aren’t seeing? I’m fairly certain it needs to be at least level 10 for you to be able to post on the forums.

that makes more sense it was lvl 4

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I found the work around thinking of it logically. The issue is browser cache data. If you open WoW forums and login from a private or incognito browser, changing your character should have a refreshed list of all your characters on your account.

Alternatively, granted I haven’t tried this, but clearing your browsing data on your browser should also fixed this same issue as well.

I had this issue recently after transferring a character to a new server. It appears to be linked to cached data in your browser, like the post above me said.

To fix it, I changed the character I had selected on the forums, logged out of the forums completely, and then logged back in. After that I was able to select the character that wasn’t showing up before.

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