Misleading Auction Prices

So I was buying some wool cloth for my alt, normal stacks were 1g or so and someone listed a stack for 900g which I was spam buying and accidentally bought it, since gold is a pain in the butt to get in classic will the gm’s help a guy out at all? If not RIP

RIP, my friend. :cold_face:


A fool and his money are soon parted.


I’d imagine the seller near fell off his chair thinking “holy xxxx it actually worked!” When he saw his mail.


Listing something for a fortune and hoping someone would accidentaly buy it was a way of life over on FFXI. So was making mules with names extremely similar to known RMT and hoping you would accidentally be sent a ton of money.

Both worked.


Major RIP.

Although I’ve done something similar. Way back on retail when the swift spectral tiger cards weren’t ridiculously expensive and before the wow tokens, I bought a card and put the swift tiger on the AH… BUUT instead of putting the swift tiger on there for 440k i listed it for 440g.
Let’s just say it sold VERY quickly lol. I then listed the normal spectral tiger and I almost done the SAME THING within minutes :joy: :joy:
Me being young and stupid with money I ended up buying another card to list it properly for more gold lol

My brother was running in and out of trade window space as i was giving him gold, I was hammered and didn’t notice someone else try and do it and scored my gold.

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I’m gonna call BS on this for a few reasons.

  1. Wool cloth sells for about 10 silver per stack. No where near 1g.

  2. No body accidentally pays 900g for wool cloth.


Auction houses aren’t cross realm or cross faction

No they will not …pay more attention when buying from the AH.

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If you can’t distinguish between 1g and 900g that’s your problem not blizzards. Somebody took advantage of people like you. :man_shrugging:t2:

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“Help a guy out”? You mean “help me cheat”, don’t you?

When an adult plays a game with a child, sometimes the adult give the child a “do-over”. We don’t do that for adults. WoW is a game for adults. AH is a PVP game within it. If you are playing PVP, watch out for tricks, and be careful not to make mistakes.

Someone offered an item at a price; you had enough gold to buy it; you chose to buy it. How can you prove that was a mistake? And why does that matter?

And who will give you the money? Do you expect the GM to forcibly remove it from the seller (who broke no rules)? Do you expect Blizzard to give you 900 gold?

You seem like an unpleasant individual


Hahaha wat a joke I lolled very hard…

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Yep, you fell to one of the oldest scams. No, Blizzard will not help.


Tell another one!

The best part is you’ve participated in activity that will flag you as a possible gold seller. I would submit a ticket now so you can point to it three months from now when you’re appealing when you get caught up in a ban wave.

That happened to me too i accidentally put the tiger for 300g and a lvl 1 bot bought it instantly. I pretty much cried that day and made me stop playing retail for months when a gm didn’t help me get it back even tho it was ah bot scanning the ah

:joy: :rofl: cry some more

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We live in the same house you could of just said that to me🤨