Misleading Auction Prices

Sadly its something you should of noticed.

Not anything you can blizzard will do.

Sometimes I accidentally put in the gold where I meant silver then I leave it up in case of people like you

I wonder how often that does work…hmm…

He meant angsty teens having a sad over being irrelevant in fortnight (nite?).

If you bought a stack for 900g, I’d be more concerned about looking like a gold seller.

Not all ridiculous prices are scams.

I am forever running out of bag and bank space. Sometimes I need to clear some bag space FAST (dungeon or raid group wants to go NOW). I’ll throw enchanting mats in the AH at ridiculously high prices because I want to get them back. The AH takes no deposit on them, and if you have stacks the same size, it will auto price them for you.

It’s fast, it’s free, and you never have to worry that you’ll mistype or misclick your bank alt’s name, sending it to some random stranger you once ran deadmines with and haven’t seen since, simply because you were in a hurry.

But you do have to remember to get them out of your mailbox before the 30 days are up and they expire.

It wasn’t a bot. It was me on my lvl 1 bank alt constantly refreshing the last page of the AH.

This is brilliant. 100% will do this.

Soka. It depends on the server. The pricing of items are independent per server.

Attention to detail is a great boon.

Screen was minimized and I was in a hurry, back to dme I guess

If anything the only misleading auction prices are the things like engineering items with charges, where a single item with 5 charges will list the price PER CHARGE not PER ITEM.

Buy a Major Recombobulator listed as 5g? Whoops, you just spent 50g.