Misguided loot correction


Hey bnet service is down for support at the time of post,
So mythic loot, I received two of the same item but cant trade one obviously, it was bonus rolled.
one other friend of mine needed this and was trying to get it for weeks, I read individual cases of loot being able to get bounced by a GM to other players using a ticket. Can I try this?

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The way the system currently works, if it wasn’t something that you could trade to them in-game, then a GM will not be able to do so either unfortunately. They used to be able to step in, but with how things work now, they’re pretty much hands-off.


in your experience have you noted any key words that might sway the expressed GM to make a more useful decision, I considered point out that it was a bug and had I not just equipped the one I bonus rolled I could have traded the other for example?

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That’s really not how it works. They have a set of tools that they use and they are bound by their internal policies. I mean, you’re still welcome to put in a ticket (when the system comes back up), I just don’t like giving people false hope :wink:


If you can’t trade it, it isn’t meant to be traded and a GM cannot circumvent developer intentions to do so.


Okay so first of all thank you, I appreciate the definite words. I’ll still try, but also I’m the happy one I got the gear. Its the other guy. So good for me, I’ll just go inform him that she needs to keep trying.