Minor rant, maybe minor spoiler, but looking for your opinions

Calia said she will help the Gilneans rebuild their lands, but while the Forsaken are there, it might be wise for to set up any and every possible means to make a take over easier. This wouldn’t be a call to betray the Worgen, but it is a suggestion for Calia to take preemptive mesures just in case Greymane decides to attack.

Greymane’s beef was with Sylvanas more than the Forsaken, but he is also a very poor leader and makes the worst decisions. Like how the Worgen spread throughout Gilneas which was made worse by him. Being charitable and supportive is great for relationship building, but there is a history of bad blood between the two races which existed before she became a fake undead. It might not be wise to just trust and hope for the best. Her poor decision in Arathi helped spread death to her people and herself, so she is sort of like Greymane in that regard.

How would you handle the upcoming situation with reclaiming Gilneas if you were Greymane or Calia?

There’s also the fact that Greymane has a history of breaking off and refusing to acknowledge treaties and orders when it comes to his personal pain and biases, and has abandoned his allies for the sake of Gilneas on multiple occasions (The Grand Alliance after the Orc Wars, the people of Lordaeron during Arthas’s rampage, his own people when they advocated for rejoining the Alliance) to consider.

By all means, let’s work to repair Gilneas and prove the Horde has fully detached itself from the legacy of Warchiefs, but making sure the Forsaken aren’t going to be caught with their pants down if Genn loses it again and starts going on a rampage is just genuine common sense. I don’t expect him to, but I also am waiting for the other shoe to drop because things have been going too well on Azeroth, and that’s never a good thing.


It’d be more interesting if Greymane betrayed the Forsaken.


Sounds like a wedding between Greyman and Calia would fix everyone’s problems.

Greymane is like one of the few major characters to already be happily married. XD

I think that there’s a lot of issues to consider. For instance if I were Calia I’d want a guarantee that the Bloodfang Worgen withdraw from Lordaeron, OR if they are unwilling to do so I’d want the Gilneans to assist the Forsaken in opposing them. With this mutuality to the deal, I’d then happily help the Gilneans rebuild.

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Well, I know why my next retcon would be if I was on the WoW team.

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Hmm, this is an interesting question. It also sort of depends on which version of the character you look at and which writer holds the pen at the time. The biggest problem when trying to think of lore problems is always of course that there are different writers, over a decade now, who use these characters for certain plot points that may not mesh well with previous decisions or depictions of them.

If you take Genn from the Curse of the Worgen comics and Wolfheart book, so a time period fresh at the start of the cataclysm, he shows regret and remorse for building the wall - for what happened to his people but also a steadfast determination to do better and lead his people with pride in the future and aid the Alliance.

But from In game scenarios, outside of trying to be a guiding figure for Anduin, his focus has really been on vengeance against Sylvanas primarily while the Forsaken are thre as an extension of her.

Really that is what the Worgen/Gilneas and Forsaken biggest problem has been. They only really existed in the same breath as their leader and so were forced to follow their goal in game. It wasn’t “What are the Worgen/Forsaken doing” rather “What is Genn/Sylvanas doing”.

For Genn, if I were the writer, I would have him be warry of the Forsaken and Calia, but not openly hostile to them. Holding hands and skipping through a field of flowers is of course ridiculous, but a simple Cold War/Game of spys sort of situation. Rogues in the shadows watching, taking notes.

There would be splinter factions against this idea - Bloodfang Worgen/Gilneas liberation front in particular. Ivar Bloodfang not being the biggest fan of Greymane nor Darius Crowley, would be resistant to stop fighting after all that had happened. But Genn telling him outright to stop would also be poor as a leader. So I would have Ivar be the leader of the covert operations group that plays tag with/counters similar forsaken groups in the shadows.

Though with my idea, it would all honestly take place in a novel or something, not really a way to show it in game that isn’t an exciting conflict. One of those Gameplay > Lore situations. A ton of stuff happens in the game, but not all of it can be shown.

… also sorry for typing a lot while saying nothing.

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Yes, and that’s why i think there might be some small flare ups of conflict, but originating from small folk on both sides. I’m leaning towards the blame being put on Sylvanas initially which prompts her return to prove it’s not her.

Halloween is over, please stop frightening the children.

A potential RP plot to act out. Definitely something to talk about at least.

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On a more serious note:

I think for Greymane, I’d want to go in with mostly Worgen and reclaim the city. I wouldn’t want to collaborate with the Horde – it shouldn’t be necessary. Get a bunch of Night Elves and Paladins as Alliance back up, a few Gnomes in mecha suits if REALLY needed, and take the city back in a way that Worgen/Gilneans will sing songs about in taverns, filled with pride.

Calia should stay out of it? Am I wrong? I don’t know, it just sort of feels like… respect whatever armistice is in place and back off?


This is definitely the feeling i had with Sylvanas. Though i didn’t like how they removed her, I’m glad they did because it lets Forsaken be free to be more than a variation of her follower. I don’t know if Worgen RP was like that in favor of Genn though.

Oh yeah, that would be smart for Genn. Like maybe agree that Calia can help set up things on the boarder, but it’s Gilneas and it should be through Gilnean strength that the kingdom is restored.

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The Forsaken should be at the border, providing their Anti-Blight that worked to clear up the Undercity, and that’s about it.

They’re there to remove the horrendous bio-weapon and go home.

This is the Gilnean’s moment and should focus on them specifically, with moments of aid from their friends and rivals, but ultimately the moment should belong to the people finally coming home.

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I hope Greymane kills everyone at the negotiating table and the Worgen tear through whatever misbegotten occupiers are still lounging around their city.

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I wonder where that border is, come to think of it. Will Gilneas reclaim its northgate territories of Pyrewood and Ambermill? Or is that Forsaken territory, north of the Greymane wall?

It’s going to end with Genn apologizing to the Forsaken, most of which have actually participated in at least one of two genocidal wars waged against him, for thinking they were bad guys.

Here’s to hoping this Gilneas Alliance/Horde Co-op is all just some big bait and switch, and it really turns into Wrathgate 2: Plague Bomb Boogalooo!

…it’s a small hope, but a Forsaken can dream.

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This sort of ties in but I think it would have been cooler if Gilneans had a more influential part in the restoring of another world tree for the Night Elves to honor their generosity for providing a home after the fall of Gilneas.

I don’t know where all the main night elf characters are emotionally when it comes to the fact it’s the Forsaken racial leader who ordered the burning of their home but imo it’s just weird they would be cool with Genn and the dog pound be chummy with the deaders.

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OH, put Amirdrassil in that weird forest the Worgen have and they can live together in harmony.

Genn and Tyrande get married

Psh, it’s a new day, my friend. We are all chums just trying to get along with the power of love and friendship. Just like a family.

Though, the Night Elves still act funny whenever I invite them to sit by the campfire and roast some marshmallows. Can’t figure out why.

If I were Greymane I’d just say “Screw it lmao I’m going to join the adventurers.”

A lot more fun that the office of nobility.

Great, now I have the urge to ship Tess and Calia. Not sure if I’m even mad about it.

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