Min/Max Clothadins

You wear that blue dress and you like it. Go PvP in the tier stuff.


In minmax environments healers are stretched extremely thin when your tanks are not wearing shields and dps doesn’t care about threat or avoiding mechanics at all.

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Wear what you want man, it’s a video game, and sometimes the sweatiest of us forget that. If i played a holy Paladin I would wear full judgment, because looking good and having fun in a role playing game is far more important than min maxing trivialized content and looking like Aladdin.

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I’ll have you know that dress is cyan, not blue. Jk I don’t own one, but still.

You’ll get to wear tier 3! That’s plate.


I play on an RP server and it annoys me to see clothadins everywhere. Don’t they know looking cool > plus healing?

It’s been a thing forever, though. Remember Leroy Jenkins? He was a paladin who wanted the cloth priest shoulders lol.

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OP is living in 2005… the rest of us are living in 2020


Content isn’t very difficult in Vanilla/Classic, so there isn’t a need to min-max to OCD or ridiculous degrees, unless your goal is to set e-peen speed records or maximize brainless face-rolling of content. Neither sounds like a very fun way to play the game (IMO), but whatever floats your boat.

I transferred from larger east-coast server to smaller west-coast server (my time zone), & have found the raiding game a lot more relaxed & fun to play without all the obsessive min-maxing, “parsing PvP”, etc. There are a lot more PuG raids on this smaller server, & they are quite fun to participate in.

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That’s without Lokamir and +55 healing. That number was with Quel’serar +30 spell damage. Also without Blessing of Light.

5 piece T2, peacekeeper gauntlets, leather belt, cloth boots, fully buffed with flask:

8k armor
950ish Healing
10.1k mana
6k health

Cloth is for girls :wink:

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Plate/mail healing gear is more focused toward pvp healing for a paladin.

Cloth/leather is more of a pve paladin.

The reason for this is because some of the items budgeted power on plate/mail is budgeted toward that armor and generally (not always the case) means the other stats are weaker.

Nothing wrong with going the plate/mail gear, it’s somewhere around a 5-10% difference in healing ability but a good 50% difference in physical damage survivability.

The good news is if everyone is going for the cloth, your plate gear will be easier to win.

Very nice. :slight_smile:

I understand why paladins wear non-plate. Hell, warriors do too. But what I don’t understand is why some paladins – especially male paladins – are OK with running around outside of progression-raids in a slinky teal dress and feather turban. Keep a non-progression/PvP set – hell, even a dedicated vanity set – for everyday use.

Of course, if the slinky dress and turban is your vanity set, then power to you.

If transmog was an option I’m sure a lot of them wouldn’t.

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Who has bag space, but also That turban and dress are sexy. :smiley:

I spam downranked FoL endlessly, don’t run OOM, and Tanks don’t die because…

…most fights don’t require heavy defense and…

…DPS don’t have to hold back thanks to good Tanks and don’t have to worry about avoiding mechanics because few ever exist.

Paladins excel at Tank healing, less so at trying top off random raid members when Priests and Druids exist. My last Twins, using exclusively Rank 4 FoL, net me a 96 parse and ~340 effective HPS. I was at no point in time, ever, stretched thin. I was bored. Because Twins is boring. Like. Super duper boring.

Wouldn’t your server reputation matter more on a small pop server? On mega servers like faerlina or pagle theres endless pugging opportunities.

I didn’t even know PuG MC/BWL raids were a thing until I moved to a smaller west coast PvE server from a larger east coast PvE one. LFG on this server is loaded with PuG ZG, AQ20, MC advertisments & even BWL to a lesser extent. I never saw those in LFG channel on my old server. Everyone was in a guild doing raids with only their guildmates it seemed like, & being super anal on min-maxing. LFG was all dungeon hunting & trash talk.


Who are you guys playing with?

Classic raids are so easy that they could be done in “of the animal” greens.

If you are hardcore min/maxing then your guild sucks.

Idk why these roleplayers think healing in plate makes more sense than healing in cloth. Healers don’t get hit therefore you do not need heavy armor. It would be one thing if you were doing some kind of rp hybrid stuff where you melee, but even these RP players just sit in the back and spam FoL. Even for roleplaying purposes it makes more sense to use holy/healing cloth gear when you are a dedicated raid support.

As far as looking cool goes, paladin t2 kind of died when every single paladin on the planet has the full set and wearing it actually just makes you look like ret pally #1536 or just a regular pvp healer. Farm a real RP/city set if you want to look cool at this point.

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I don’t.

My guild brings me for judgement of light uptime.

You bet your butt I’m not going anywhere in cloth.

Our raids are always anywhere from 15-20ish dual wielding melee.

Do people not do the actual math on this?