Min/Max Clothadins

So I just transferred to a big server last week from a medium sized but declining server and I see a drastic difference in the “server culture” of paladin healers. I’ve been running MC/ZG/AQ20 pugs and almost all of the paladin healers I see are min/max clothadins with the exact same gear setups. All cloth or leather at most, min/max +healing stats and min/max +healing enchants. I don’t think ive seen a single paladin wearing mail armor, let alone plate armor.

I look like the odd man out wearing tier gear. To others I probably look ret but I’m spec’edn holy.

Is this something I just completed missed never playing on a big server? We had way more “regular” paladins on my server who would actually wear plate.

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Larger servers will always hard Tryhardadins and Peerpressureadins. But I’m sure you’ll find your niche if you keep looking.

That’s because it’s bad for their role. You don’t need more armor to heal.


I would guess the larger server has more serious raiding guilds who are stepping into pugs either on off nights or on alts.

Large servers suck the soul out of the game and are one of the biggest problems with classic


I like wearing 5 pieces of T2 along with my healing gear for the extra stam/intel/survivability in raids.
Peacekeeper Gloves - Plate
Emblazoned Legs - Plate


You can still perform well with tier gear, so I wouldn’t fret on it too much! I am using a bis gear even if its cloth but I use full T2 for pvp healing and it work well, I dont feel I lack the ability to heal just the ability to heal for a long time.

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Well people care about their reputation because it impacts their access to content
The larger the server the larger your reputation.


A lot of nerds in this game.


Just wear lawbringer or judgement. You’ll be fine for healing in that.

Edit: Or Soulforge.


If you care about your healing output you go for gear that has the best healing stats.

I have 8/8 T2 and 1051+ healing for my healing set.

My Max Rank Flash of Light in 8/8 T2 (550) heals for as much as my Rank 1 Flash of Light in my healing set (550).

My tier set I use for PvP and dungeon tanking, healing set is for raiding.


what a nerd.

Cloth priests don’t die unless there’s a wipe. Armor is pointless for a healer. Heal yourself if you take damage.

Why would you wear plate if it isn’t optimized well for healing?


what you are missing is that you are wrong and completely gimping yourself as a healer…


Was your original server PvE, PvP, or RP?

What about your new server?

Might signify?

Because it looks badass.


Well this isn’t true. My max rank Flash of Light completely naked besides my main hand and libram heals for 550.

You can look badass in dungeons, BGs, or out in the world, but if you’re doing aq40 you should be wearing actual healing gear


So you’re wearing bad gear, deliberately, because it fits your version of “lorelol?”

Wearing the equipment that makes sense for your role statwise isnt a new thing or a min/max thing or a big server thing. It happens in every other mmo out there, it happens in POE, it happened in vanilla, it happened it MUDS, heck I’m sure it happened in DND…

So yea. I dont think there was a memo anymore than there was a memo not to walk into traffic… It’s just common sense and everyone else kinda figured it out on their own. That said, you do you boo. Be wild, enjoy yourself, walk into traffic. Dont let anyone hold you back! But like… also dont get mad when they dont invite you to their parties.