Mining Agro Radius [Bugged?]

I was only in stress test a little bit and didn’t get to submit ticket. But it’s stress test so they probably didn’t look at those types of reports.

For those in the Beta, do you feel mining Agro radius is smaller than it was?

When I used to mine it always seemed I’d pull something, but in stress test beta, I was fine.

There’s been mention of other agro radii feeling smaller, is that a known issue? Did some formula change when aspect ratio was changed with newer version of game?

Was there an actual additional agro check for mining in Vanilla that is now gone?

Aggro radius is lower than private servers full stop. But wasn’t the aggro on mining mechanic added in later than Vanilla? I didn’t think it was as pronounced in Vanilla.

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There’s a sticky on the beta forums: WoW Classic “Not A Bug” List

As for the mining, not sure - I don’t know how that would be the case, but I’ll check it out tonight and write up a bug if I find an issue.

Thanks for the info!

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I’m not sure what you mean?

Like you’re aggro radius while mining around mobs?

If so, I’d say you just got lucky. I actively went around collecting ore during the stress test in Mulgore and had to actively watch mob paths as I went up to nodes, would get aggro while mining,some I couldn’t get to with out pulling at least one mob and others I could just walk right up to.

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For some unremembered part of the Retail history, mobs would aggro more aggressively on someone mining. When your first hit happened, mobs that were too far away for normal aggro would run over from further away.