Minimum GCD Raised to 1.0 Second

With scheduled weekly maintenance (7:00 a.m. PDT, Tuesday, September 28 in this region), Spell Haste will now lower the global cooldown (GCD) to a minimum of 1.0 second. It has been possible for players to approach a minimum of 0.75 seconds since Burning Crusade Classic launched.

This hotfix is intended to bring the behavior of the GCD in line with version 2.4.0 of Burning Crusade, which the gameplay conditions of Burning Crusade Classic 2.5.2 are based on. Due to a bug in the original 2.4.0 code, players with high Spell Haste in original Burning Crusade were sometimes able to cast certain spells less than second apart, and they would also sometimes be delayed to over a second, based on how their actions were lining up with the server’s tick rate.

With this hotfix, we’ve decided that the fairest and most accurate thing we could do is to replicate the intent of the original game and enforce that Spell Haste cannot reduce the GCD below 1.0 second.

Thank you for all of your feedback on this issue.


Now rogue/mage will have to settle for killing me in 5 seconds instead of 4 :slight_smile:


Can we get a comment on low pop realms dying off? Some realms with no more than twenty people on PEAK times. Guilds are dying every week, players quitting in droves. Transferring is not an option


This was literally the first time I’ve heard about this. How are we getting Monday night threads on this and not even a “we see it and are looking into options” for the completely dead or dying servers???

Blink twice if you can’t comment on low population due to it admitting player counts are low across the board. Just spin it into blaming server transfers.

Anything. Please. Guilds are dying.


You guys are literally the worst… i don’t even know what to say!

You guys are basically nerfing spell haste which majority of items come with next phases…
And this ruins Heroism + Icy Veins. And Im not even going to mention the trinkets that come later into the game.

Mindblown, all you had to do was nerf MQG, not the actual spell haste


I liked Blizzard better when all they did was remove /spit while releasing bugged bosses


ty for this change that will only effect the watercoolers. /s

Can we get any updates on server faction capping or idk…LIMITING TRANSFERS? Entire servers are dying.


Its because mages are popping mind quickening gem in arena and just spamming arcane explosion. Its super broken and needed nerfing.

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This effects you too! Later in the game with skull of guldan trinket and spell haste gear…

If it was 1.0 seconds in actual TBC, then that’s what it should be.

I’d also lean towards anything that makes players weaker, the bosses don’t need to be easier.


So nerf the trinket, dont touch spell haste lol

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This change is only for spell haste with melee haste appearing to be unaffected. So will probably die in 4.5 seconds instead - a nice compromise :woman_kneeling:

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Spell haste meta was coming in S3/4 eventually anyway, this will stop it. It sucks to play against. Better to nerf it now.

MQG + IV brought GCD down to 1.03 seconds.

This change only effects mage with bloodlust and season 4.

Players: Omg blizz never communicates with us!
Blizz: Hey just a heads up were changing this.
Players: Omg why aren’t you talking about this other thing?



did you really roll a shaman and expect to compete in pvp? level a lock lol

Shouldn’t be fixing the botting problem instead of a fringe issue?

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Still no update on Mark of the Illidari missing from loot tables?

These were available 5 months into OG-TBC and were originally available on PTR but are currently missing in both SSC and TK.

They should 100% be in right now alongside the double token drop atm.


This is terrible. Why do you guys cherry pick horrible features to…


Wow, what a rude change you guys suck.