Mage skull prio since ashtongue trinket broken

I worded that wrong, they can get AB below a 1s cast

I don’t believe you. At all

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Also dont believe this. At all. Stop lying on the internet

Skull is resto druid prio no question

Just chill and press buttons for DPS.

And I’m saying that Blizzard changed that.

That also applies to Arcane Blast.

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Apparently you don’t know how the game works… You can get the cast time below the gcd and have to wait for the gcd. This is common knowledge to melee, healers, affliction locks, and anyone else using instant or fast cast spells.

Might because it’s late but this is just an oxymoron, if you have to wait for it does it really mean that you’ve gone below it?

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It certainly does. It offers a point where haste loses value but in movement situations it still offers a dps increase.

They very much do lol

if I took away the melee’s 3% hit I’m pretty sure they would rebel

Lancer has attacks for the sake of just having attacks im certain of it

a 19 button rotation like… why

Press 1 button

No silly, you can’t backpedal and DPS with only 1 button.

Still pretty broken for trash packs

Just gonna leave this here so everyone can ignore it and continue on with their narrative.

There’s a common misconception that Warlocks need the spell hit from the Skull and Mages dont:

  • Warlocks need 164 spell hit to be hit capped with an ele sham
  • Warlock BiS for pure stats from helm/neck/shoulders/chest/gloves/legs/wand gives 134 spell hit. Tack on a BoB which is better than Rage belt if you value hit and you’re up to 157 spell hit out of the 164 needed.
  • From there you can put a single veiled pyrestone in gloves or legs and be perfectly hit capped at 164

Warlock BiS link with empty trinket slot (13% hit):

In other words - using pure BiS gear without a Skull - Warlocks are already hit capped. Claiming to need the hit is just a sneaky tactic warlocks use to try to claim prio.

Meanwhile, Mage BiS is much different because of valuing intellect so high.

  • Mages only need 76 spell hit to cap.
  • But if you add up the spell hit on all the BiS gear focusing purely on best stats … you end up with the only piece that has spell hit being the T6 legs & helm enchant for a meager 38 spell hit.
  • The Mage trinket can add another 12, but it would not be accurate to say it is BiS for stats/effect alone as Icon or Mark of Champion are better in most scenarios. But even assuming the use of the Mage trinket that brings the hit total to 50/76.
  • That leaves mages 26 spell hit short of cap. Coincidentally the Skull provides 25 hit.

Mage BiS link with empty trinket slot (4% hit):

TLDR; despite needing nearly 90 more spell hit to cap, Warlocks actually need less spell hit than mages to reach the hit cap if they were to wear BiS gear based purely on the best stat value. So… ironically… mages need the spell hit from the Skull more than warlocks do.

P.S. - on top of all that, warlocks can use the Nethervoid cloak for another 18 spell hit but mages cannot, because it has shadow damage

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Imaging having prior in 2022

Having played a decent number of classes at max in the highest levels of content, while there are a few “buttons for the sake of it”, overall, rotations are far more satisfying, demanding and feel much better than anything wow has fielded. Of all the classes I’ve played in wow through all the expacs, only WoD shadowpriest came close to having an actual “rotation”.

If you’re calling the class “Lancer” rather than “Dragoon” then I’m assuming you didn’t get much past level 30, or never played the game in the first place and are just commenting 2nd hand.