Minimum GCD Raised to 1.0 Second

Seems like a nerf to Quags. Well played Blizz, well played. Busts out the pipe.

So ummm any update on the hotfix to make balance on pvp servers a bit more “fair”?

The original game has alot more wpvp. This reiterated version?

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Can you guys just maybe, IDK, NOT DO THIS?!?!?!?! I know that players have agreed to some changes, but stop changing things that LITERALLY NO ONE ASKED FOR PLEASE! Instead of whatever guy that’s never played wow making decisions for what should be changed, why not just ask us or listen to the thousands of posts on here or other sites like reddit that people are screaming for changes that should be made? “the fairest most accurate thing” Fair for who? Who asked for this? Who wanted this? Why do this in the first place? You guys seem more and more clueless every day.
There are major things that need to be fixed like new quests that still don’t work right. Instead of working on major game play issues, let’s waste our time working on a change that makes some classes worse than they were in the original TBC release. That’s how it was in TBC, that’s how we want it.
Stop making negative changes to classes period. If you want to make things better improve the bugs with classes that make them worse than they should be or bots or other major issues in the game that have been here for months with no fix in sight and dying servers with many good options for a fix and again nothing. Read the responses to this threat. Everyone is talking about servers dying and not this because this is just stupid. Keep making these changes we hate though instead of fixing what we are begging for though, because that makes sense. Thanks!

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Nope, because instead of focusing on things that should be fixed, all that they care about is making the game worse. I literally think that they are trying to kill it since retail is doing so bad. Either they want to work on a new game or they think that fresh can replace everything and they want everyone to quit this and retail to go to that so they can just work on 1 game. The easiest way for them to do that and stop splitting up focus is to literally ruin this game.

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I agree that things should be how they were in the original TBC. The thing is though that it wasn’t 1.0 seconds in original TBC. They were saying that it was intended to be originally, but that it wasn’t. So, instead of changing anything they should have left it the same as it was in original TBC. It doesn’t matter what it was “intended” to be, just what it was. This is an excuse for them to not fix things that people wanted or they are just truly clueless.

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Lol Imagine complaining about this great change, don’t worry other mages parsing will deal with the same change as you.


Please give us an update on the server situation. Will there only be paid transfers forever in Classic or will Blizzard actively go in and fix the dreadful situation on many servers?


Like horde vs horde battlegrounds?

Like arena teams starting at 0 instead of 1500?

Like season 1 and season 2 arena gear having rating requirements?

Shall I go on? :wink:


Just get the wallet out and pay for a server xfer! Hey look they are 25% off!

Would it/this be possible to do this change for solely pvp? Leave the PvE side alone. This is modern TBC classic and not 2007. Nerfing gameplay speeds has never worked out for pve in the past. Making gameplay more tedious to nerf mind quickening/mages in arena seems like a good way to bleed more players. Dots/Hots still gonna be great but a class that depends on gcds just got 33%(ish) less effectiveness with haste for what after all these months so far?

The gameplay is already easy but people still struggle. The boomers are just gonna leave if the chase of excelling dps is gone for Hyjal tier progression. While this change is subjectively minor the player bleed from Hyjal progression might be devastating for the casual players. Keep the carrot on the stick for the struggling PvE andies. That minor bug will only help declining, dying guilds do to progression. People will just walk away.

You have got to be kidding.

You need an excessive amount of haste for this to matter at all.

This hardly affects regular gameplay.

Nope. Despite all the literally game breaking bugs, this is what blizzard spends their time on.


Merge servers Blizzard. Going downhill fast people.

merge merge, free realm transfers, something

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It really is insane. The total radio silence pretty much sums it for me - they just want transfer money and do not care about this game. They know if they made an announcement about doing nothing the subs would drop massively. They are hoping to ride the transfer wave straight into Bobby’s coke mountain

what a weird take when you didn’t even put arena teams back to 1500 rating start and zero rating requirements on arena vendors


I don’t have an issue with the change but using the intent reasoning is odd when they have done several things that certainly go against the original intent.


Any word on common sense issues like adding dual spec?

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Is there an agency beyond Blizzard we the players can reach out to such as the BBB or some agency/organization that oversees companies behaviors that sells a service? Seems monopolistic to offer transfer services and continue to ignore these realms for over a year. Almost like they’re preying on the players who already pay for a subscription for “support” and access to a 15 year old version of the game with minimal maintenance. I’m sure Blizzard collects THOUSANDS a week in character services since they continue to ignore server population and being involved. The sad reality is, WoW players are very loyal and some are even addicted to the game, they will spend money willingly even when being wronged by Blizzard month over month.

Lets stand together and get the response we deserve.

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that kinda went out of the window with the boost store mount and HvH dont you think?


week 52 of awful changes