Mind Quickening Gem update with the patch

We have one update to the patch that we want to make very clear. Previously in testing, we were adjusting the Haste that Mind Quickening Gem provided across the board. We’ve narrowed the scope of the adjustment:

  • Mind Quickening Gem is no longer usable in Arenas. The trinket is unchanged in all other areas of play.

Kaivax you’re beautiful.


Nice! It shouldn’t be nerfed in PvE because of PvP!

Thank you for listening!

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It’s nice to see you listen to player feedback after an intended change, thanks.


Thank you!

Microsoft already doing a better job.


My thoughts exactly kekw

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awesome. So about server transfers?

This and the rating fix on Vengeful Gladiator’s Waraxe are both fantastic! Gives us all great hope for more responsiveness moving forward.

Awesome, where the Earthfury free xfers at tho. Server dead.

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Thank you for fixing something that affects 3% of players. Now how about some info on server transfers that affects the other 97% too.

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You have the answer already.


Earthfury is on the naughty list.

Not wrong LOL.

THANK YOU for listening to our feedback and responding quickly. I genuinely appreciate it.

You can pay for server transfers bro.

The haste nerf made more sense… and it needs to be done to the chicken as well.

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Knocked it out of the part again. Thanks again Blizzard!

Now make glaives not useable in arena pls!