Mind Controlled out of AB

It doesn’t even have to be a priest, any class can instantly mind control.

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Seriously. People whining because a priest used mind control on them is just sad at this point. This is just like forcing raiders with full buffs to go swim in the lava in BRM. Sucks for you, but fun for everyone else. If you don’t like it, you don’t have to PvP.

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Whatever everyone’s opinion on this is, Blizzard has already affirmed their position on mc’ing people out of BGs with the WSG change. This seems like an oversight on Blizzard’s behalf.


Its actually messed up people can do this, I once was in warsong gulch helping my team and the flag in the graveyard and I get mind control helmet out of the battleground and get deserter , and was in queue for alterac valley for like 3 hours, and then it gets removed.

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Unless they only removed it because of the proximity of the exit to the only graveyard, which means it’s acceptable to do in AV and AB.

Perhaps, Blizzard’s verbiage seems to indicate doing so in general is considered unfair gameplay. We’ll see.

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These aren’t the types of things people actually did in vanilla… these are private server monkeys who figured out every little troll they can do in the 10 years they’ve been playing warsong gulch.

It was a engineering helm there is no cast time and no way to know it’s inc.

I’d say it fits pretty well with this definition of exploiting:

 2 to make use of meanly or unfairly for one's own advantage

Hope it’s a 30 day ban for anyone doing it. 100% abusing mechanics just to be a dick.

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Will of the forsaken

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I love my WOTF. <3

I always however my hotkey of it when I know I’m against someone who can make me lose control of my character. It’s literally like a 1 second response time.

MC… WOTF. BAM Kidney shot.
Back in there melee zone ripping them to shreds.

As hilarious as this is (and it is hilarious), it’s probably something that shouldn’t be in the game. Then again, mind controlling people off of the boat is similar levels of troll/inconvenience.

Yeah but that one doesn’t leave you with a deserter debuff lol. Guess I’m glad I am UD mage. CSpell + will + block = I’ve yet to be mc’d out.

Regardless of how any of us feel about it, Blizzard removed it from WSG… they just forgot to do the same with AB, lol.

I had originally supported keeping it within the game but if they are going to block these actions, they may as well be consistent with it.


They’re OK with the priest using mind control on them. They’re not OK with the priest running them out of the BG portal, giving them a debuff, and making them not able to get back into a BG for a while.

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Yes, they’re upset that they got punked. Perfectly understandable. But the solution isn’t to whine and cry about it, but to learn from it so that they can’t get you next time. Like I said, it is no different from finding a main tank with all those precious world buffs (Dragonslayer, Rend, Songflower, DM:T buffs, etc.) and tossing him into the lava when he is trying to get to BWL, literally ruining quite a bit of work and giving him some repair bills in an instant.

When you flag yourself, either in the open world or BGs, you have to accept that other players may punk you for their enjoyment. If you don’t want that to happen, then don’t flag, and don’t go to PvP servers.

Well MCing that tank into lava isn’t using an exploit to win a BG, there’s HUGE difference

If you’re getting MC’d out of AB that means your team is losing hard enough that you’re pushed that far back where it’s already over.

Or you know, don’t go near your exit portal is another viable strategy for avoiding this. Never been MC’d out of AB while I was far enough away from the portal. Weird how that works.

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it s funny, but yeah, that does need to be changed.

Meh. If one person hanging out too close to the exit getting mind controlled is the difference between winning and losing the BG, then both sides were sh1t to begin with. Usually, if you’re getting mind controlled that close to the exit, you’re either semi-AFK and trying not to be noticed, or your side has been stomped to the point where the enemy is waltzing through your base like they own the place. Either way, you getting yeeted from the BG isn’t changing the outcome.