Mind Controlled out of AB

Getting MC’d out of AB…while nothing in game lets me break the MC.


Report it until Blizzard remembers that they patched it out of WSG and should have done the same for AB.

Sorry, Boz. It sucks.


That’s hilarious


you do know how will of the forsaken works yes?


Wasn’t on this toon this is just the one bnet is showing.

It was likely on an alliance character, as the respawn for alliance is dangerously close to the portal.

CC priest. interrupt cast. LOS cast. outrange cast. turn invis. have teammate stun priest. have teammate CC priest.

there’s just so many.

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You can change your toon on your own.

Why on Earth are you so close to the entrance portal? If you’re getting farmed at your entrance graveyard anyway just don’t res. Don’t give them free HKs.


Lol is the only real answer.

Good, thank you whomever can do that.

Seriously? Grow the hell up. “MC can be broken so its ok to force deserter on people purely for the lawls, GET GUD BRO”

He didnt ask how many ways there are to avoid it. The fact is that it shouldn’t be able to happen.

You are probably one of the jack holes that does it to people.


You know damn well there are so many variables as to why that is not always possible…


It doesn’t even have to be a priest, any class can instantly mind control.

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Seriously. People whining because a priest used mind control on them is just sad at this point. This is just like forcing raiders with full buffs to go swim in the lava in BRM. Sucks for you, but fun for everyone else. If you don’t like it, you don’t have to PvP.

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Whatever everyone’s opinion on this is, Blizzard has already affirmed their position on mc’ing people out of BGs with the WSG change. This seems like an oversight on Blizzard’s behalf.


Its actually messed up people can do this, I once was in warsong gulch helping my team and the flag in the graveyard and I get mind control helmet out of the battleground and get deserter , and was in queue for alterac valley for like 3 hours, and then it gets removed.

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Unless they only removed it because of the proximity of the exit to the only graveyard, which means it’s acceptable to do in AV and AB.

Perhaps, Blizzard’s verbiage seems to indicate doing so in general is considered unfair gameplay. We’ll see.

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These aren’t the types of things people actually did in vanilla… these are private server monkeys who figured out every little troll they can do in the 10 years they’ve been playing warsong gulch.