Midsummer Night's Pack - No Discount for Previous Purchase?

I want to buy the Midsummer pack, and it states that there are discounts for previously purchased items. I already have one of the mounts, I get a message that the price is discounted because of it, but the total shows the full price. Is anyone else running into the same problem?

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It shows as discounted for me.


Huh, that’s what mine looks like (except less stuff) and the total given is the full price of $56.88. Must be a me problem. I’ve submitted a ticket.

Not just you. I just checked it too.

It says I own two items from the pack, but also gives me the same price. $53.68 + taxes.

That is the same price that was on the main shop page for the bundle.

You have to go to the purchase screen before it shows the discount.

I had almost everything and got mine for 17 bucks.

I think the confusion lies in that, when you checkout, you can’t see a calculation as to what the tax amount is, nor what the individual items that you already own would contribute to the discount individually, so it’s harder to tell if it’s working if you own fewer items from the set. I only have the sprite darter transmog and the shop page says it will cost 58.50, the checkout page says 62.01. I’m guessing that is still a discounted price, but I think it would be helpful for most to see the calculations somewhere. Looks like, given the varied prices listed in the thread above, that it is working or else it would be the same cost for all.

(Editing to add, if I view it from my wish list, it shows as 64.99, which I think is the actual price.)


At checkout usually is where the calculations are done. I know that can be a bit confusing if that isn’t what you are expecting to see.


Oh my goodness! You solved my problem! I was wondering why Mirasol was seeing the price as $53.68 when I was seeing the price as $56.88. It’s because the price is $64.99 without discounts. The discount is already shown with the price that isn’t in the wishlist. Thank you!!! <3

My apologies to everyone who said it a different way, but I didn’t get it until Marwenna put it that way.


Since it’s the same issue and the thread is only a day old, figured a new response would be better than a new thread. (If this is wrong, I apologize and can make a new thread) I’m experiencing the same thing, except, only with the Transmorpher Beacon:

Mousing over the deal in-game shows the Beacon is not collected (but it is). Going to checkout also doesn’t have it in the list.

I did the calculations and I think the price is right regardless, but I just wanted to make sure there isn’t a possible bug with the Beacon just in case, before I consider buying it. Lol.

And I like, triple checked the beacon is still in my toy list and useable lol. (Side note, I wish I had noticed Ursoc was included in the bundle before I bought Ursoc lol. But oh well)