Midsummer is not here

midsummer not live, 2g and some food in enlistment box? blizzard just messing with its players at this point


The events will kick off at 0:00 Midnight on July 23 (realm time) in all regions.

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lmao they would edit it after saying its the 20th and just expect people to look.


They never said it was the 20th. It said the week of the 20th.

aka how everyone that saw this and read this.


Hrrmmmmm :thinking:


Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.

you missed the point. I understand it says week. but everyone that read it saw 20th and even wowhead reported as the 20th, and everyone expecting it today and that’s why this thread is here.

Says the 23rd at midnight server time

They literally edited the post today to say that.


Yup. And very recently.


I too was also expecting today actually had the old forum post up from last month in my tab because i tend to forget to close out of them and it definitely said the 20th. I’m used to it from Blizz. Just a bunch of snarky buttholes work there. They all talk crap about us and could care less.

Any update?

Yeah the 23rd now apparently

They’re a basement-run company with only like 3 employees bro, relax guys.

It doesn’t start until the 23rd. The confusion comes from the wording "the week of July 20, 2021**.

The confusion comes from the fact they forgot and had to go back and edit their original post.


everyone being wrong about something doesn’t suddenly make it correct

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This, starting “the week of” has always meant that day. ESPECIALLY WHEN “the week of” IS LISTED AS A TUESDAY DATE!!!

Stop defending Blizzard for horrible decisions, and last minute communication edits to save face.



“week of” has meant, for the entirety of wow, after maint on tues… that’s why it’s week of and tuesdays date.

They forgot and don’t have the righteous orbs to say it.

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