Midnight Club - Late Night Casual Horde Community

Hello everyone!

I am a former GM/RL that had to hang up the keyboard due to my family getting larger. I am here to introduce the Midnight Club!

I am looking to start a new community focusing on people who want to still do some raiding/PvE or any other in-game content but have a life/family that prevents them from doing the more time-consuming content.

This is the goal: Normal/Heroic Mode raiding, Torghast, and some M+.

Who should join?

People looking to raid again. People looking to try out Shadowlands without much commitment. People who can’t commit more than 4 hours a week to raiding. People who want to gear up an alt and hang out with some people while smashing bosses. People who love to play alts and want to re-clear content on classes they have never played before. People looking for a drama-free environment. People looking for fun. People looking to just log in, shoot the breeze, and kill some bosses.

Progression: 10/10 Normal, 1/10 Heroic

Raid/Play Times

Saturday & Sundays late night PST , 10:00 PM PST to 1:00 AM PST.

Recruitment for Raiding

1-2 Melee DPS
Ranged DPS
Tank - High Priority

We are always looking for active Mythic + players of all specs on all nights as well.

This is a cross realm Horde community , no need to transfer servers or leave your guild, Remember, we’re just doing decently challenging PvE content. We have over 60 people in our discord to play with!

If you have another guild you play in full time and you’re looking to just come on in and gear up an alt or whatever, that’s totally cool.

This will be that group you hang out with on the weekends for an easy night of raiding with no pressure.

Contact Information

Discord : Marcus#9458

BNet : Marcus#11985

Please see Twitch MarcusHavoc or Youtube MarcusHavoc for videos of our community!