Method Ra-den Kill

oof what a shame

good thing blizz likely won’t do anything about it tho

new strat guys, pull/reset a boss multiple times to buff your locks by absurd amounts xd


lolwut. Now I’m curious as to how that was done.

Limit and Method both used Ra’dens short reset to stack warlock shards. Now people are trying to get Method banned while failing to mention limit did the same thing.


limit didnt do 4x locks lol

a blue is protecting method, since it’s what they’ve been doing for expansions now, but what i’m trying to say is method exploited for the kill

Oh, that’s it?

Chalk one more up to this bug infested patch.


Does not matter how many times you do something if its an exploit and you do it your just as guilty.


well when you have a fight like the hivemind exist…


So no different from Shadow Priests that were building insanity on “background NPCs” in BoD to start the fight with full with a pre-cast of voidform before the ressource reset occurs.

You gotta be bottom of the barrel trash to try to get others banned over stuff that doesn’t even affect you.


speedrunnning/world firsts for games has been about exploiting/clever use of game mechanics since forever. When there’s sponsorships, money, viewership, etc on the line, you can’t expect the players to just abide by a code of ethics, its up to the dev’s to put in systems to prevent clever use of game mechanics like this if they dont want the players doing it.

Not Method’s fault, or Limit’s, dont hate the player hate the game, I would have done the exact same thing if I was in their position


Oof, touche’

big difference actually, but go on

That’s not even really an exploit. That’s a clever use of game mechanics, and that isn’t even a tenth as serious as this warlock exploit.


This name and shame players has got to stop.

If that is the first thing u do before trying to get it handled in private, is pretty dam low.

I mean, you’re the one who made a claim, you need to go on about what “big difference” means.

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They only did it because limit did it first

I haven’t played a Warlock since Legion, but if it’s just shards, why is this a problem?

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Not only that since when can’t you reset anything to get shards

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You’d make a fair politician.

“Well yeah, but I’m not as corrupt as the other guy amiright?”