Method officially got Jaina world first


Confirmed ended at 5%



Awesome! :tada:

(Therric) #3

WF hype

Gratz Method <3


Limit made the bet to wait for the reset but Method went for it.


Big congratulations to them and another entry in the Hall of Fame!

Blizzard is hiding threads now!?
(Lathander) #6

You guys should try and learn from Method’s streaming event success here.


Someone read my thread yesterday. That is an extremely nice set-up!!

(Zhiifang) #8

Not trying to be negative but, isn’t that the same and only guild to get world first for every raid?

(Girandzim) #10

I mean, it’s not their fault that the other guilds are unable to.


Not really. Limit was beyond close on Uldir and also on this. Method realized last night that the dps check did not require another raid reset when they got her down to 9%.


It’s time to consider some guild sponsorships like other games do for their top performers. Get Limit and some other EU/NA/CN/KR guilds in this race the spotlight they also deserve so this can be a true visual race. Can’t put it all on Method to do the job your company should be doing 3 years ago when e-sports blew up.

(Zhiifang) #15

Yes to my understanding Limit is the only other guild to come close to them…


I’m glad they won, now we can stop seeing posts about them.

(Wuhjikô) #17

They’ve got the most world firsts, but not for every raid tier. Plenty of other guilds that can get close and only a few who could pass them. But they’re a very dedicated bunch and play hard for the win even while starting with a 16 hour disadvantage each tier.

(Raicolette) #19

Could you tell us what % was Limit’s best pull?


I do not see how other guilds try to stay secret with their strats after what Method just did. Limit could not hide their progress as the logs are public, when they started doing splits everyone knew their strat and when they did not get it last night everyone knew they were waiting for reset.

This was genius on Methods part and they cashed in from multiple sponsors. Red bull got their moneys worth on this from advertising.

(Empathetic) #22

Grats, Method. Another world first! :cake:

(Belitt) #23

Blizz should have a special World First server for Mythic Raid release so all the guilds can compete on even footing. Help facilitate an event that can be a halo for your game.

(Nzhuv) #24

Method = Golden State Warriors
Limit = Cleveland Cavaliers with LeBron but not Kyrie


100%. This race almost got screwed up last week, but boy did it turn out to be a big pay day for Method and sponsors. I wonder if Redbull and Method were clinching when they saw Limit 8/9 before getting into the raid. So much money on the line…