Meta slaves suck

Pretty high IO player at like 3384 but being a resto druid means that I don’t even get invited to keys with people even 300 IO lower. I know there is always a meta but jeez… Could sit in queues for like an hour and not get invited.


Yeah I agree, I find it funny when pugs list their keys as a sub 3k io player “surv/lock only” they normally don’t even know the reason why they want them, they just saw it on stream somewhere.

It also makes me wonder what these types of people did last season because neither lock nor surv hunter was being waited on for keys lol and all specs got buffed with tier set (maybe not all buffed for keys specifically)


I had to get off early last night and my healer joined a 20 NW pug. Dude passed on a 3100 prot paladin for a 2800 DK. Lololol. My friends just left group.


Wait, seriously? Why would anyone pass on a Paladin tank in general, especially with such a huge rating disparity, and why to the 10th power would anyone pass on a Paladin tank during Necrotic week??? What?

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Hey man, wasn’t me. But they waited for almost 10m for that DK.

This is the stuff I’m talking about lol. That’s absolutely ridiculous.
Prot paladins can absolutely carry pug keys, imo a good prot pal is the best no voice pug tank in the game.
Assuming Kyrian, they just own the kicks/stuns/cc that the rest of the team can pretty much relax each pull and wait to see if the prot pal needs help. Not to mention they’re a second healer with hand of the protector talent.

From my experience players with io that greatly exceeds the key level that is being done tend to be quite obnoxious, lashing out at others for not during a certain route or not perfectly understanding a mechanic. And I assume at the higher end people expect you to play what is strong unless you are good friends with them and they enjoy your company regardless of what class you are playing.


Imagine being a BM hunter and getting whispered to ask if you are survival. I know mechanics, I survive. I use every utility available to me but that means nothing. Don’t feel bad it happens to us all. Best healer I know is a Resto druid.

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It’s generally because every time I pick up a bm hunter they do 7k dps a key tops. Compared to mm and survival that are doing 15k-20k, that’s just not ok. It’s generally not a player problem (because seriously, how do you mess up BM?) it’s a spec problem.


People have been a but more meta crazed this season for some reason. It’s pretty ridiculous, groups are even specifically looking for only bdks in 19s and 20s soo odd.

I can relate. I have an extremely hard time getting into 13+ and up as a Prot Warr.

Today I’ve been turned down/looked over about 5x. One que I was waiting for 5 mins. At that point when they finally sent the invite, I was so fed up that I just declined the invite.

I at least got quick invites to 15 Theater and 15 Spires after. Nailed those runs relatively easily.

You sure it isn’t because you are a fembelf Warrior?

I get people stalling to invite my bdk alt. It’s 2 months into the season, people are seeing if they can get a 270+ main to apply rather than a 250-260 alt. Personally I just look to see the highest the tank has timed and what they’ve timed for the key in question, that tells me they can handle the route and they can handle the incoming damage. Class doesn’t mean a whole lot for tanks until you get way higher than any of us are playing.

The meta has really taken a crap on a lot.

Genuine question, how would you feel about balance nerfs that happened continuously but weren’t announced?

Essentially Blizz provides sims and level sets each class, then every tuesday makes fine tweaks to classes.

Just spit balling here obviously, but seeing a 2% change on a class and then the resulting community going “THAT CLASS IS A GARBAGE CAN NOW LOLOLOL” is really exhausting.


And even then, as far as tanks are concerned, there are multiple viable options.


I figure those that mentioned “saw it or heard it somewhere” are right as one of the main reasons for not taking class/specs into keys that should not even be a challenge or that in reality, as long as the player is decent, should be relatively easy to accomplish.

I am playing both feral/survival this patch so it’s easy to see when I get booted upon joining as feral :slight_smile:

Personally until I start doing 20+ I would rather have an amazing player on any class, than worry about it meta stuff

Oh well :slight_smile:

I got up to about 2200 on feral before swapping to resto for the majority of my keys and only got booted because lolferal once. It’s kinda crazy, really, we’re not parsing that much behind balance and in every group I run even with destro locks / survival hunters I usually did either top dps or was at least competitive. Something people need to understand is that the best players in the world might be getting massive dps out of these meta specs versus these lower tier specs, but the majority of players aren’t even playing the same game.

I am at a point where I would like to play and get to doing 20s and I figure I could do that though I would need a solid foundation of non toxic decent folks to work with as I don’t enjoy the whole running decently difficult content with strangers all that engaging.

It’s just too easy for certain folks to start being disrespectful and no one deserves that until the deserve that.

We shall see how things go :slight_smile:

Fotm rerollers are the worst. Join a group on a strong spec and pull tank damage.

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Playing with a static group is great, runs tend to be more fun overall, and things will go smooth, the biggest problem I’ve had running with the few regular groups I’ve ran with is with one group I was brick walled by my own personal progression, the other group I was running with I was brick walled by theirs. What I mean is that my first group was definitely better than I am and while they would be happy to take me on their 20-22’s because they enjoy playing with me, I’d be dpsing as feral and that’s around the key range where I feel like my damage starts to drop off. My other group that I play with isn’t nearly as skilled but I heal for that group. The tank isn’t nearly as good and struggles to hold aggro at the start of big pulls until she can get her feet sunk in which makes things a little awkward at times and our dps, while good, isn’t nearly as technically sound as my other group either. We consistently time 16’s but struggle getting much further. I feel my personal skill is in the 17-19 range as a resto druid, perhaps higher with feral but I’m hesitant because I get anxious over my own abilities and would like to improve but sometimes its frustrating being in these static groups because I feel like I’m personally in the middle of them instead of really fitting in. At this point it’s all just practice. Hope you have better luck than I do :stuck_out_tongue:

Tbf, on my survival hunter I’m basically doing tank damage with 7-9k. Granted I’m 240 ilvl and only have the 2pc. 4pc is so important for that spec. Usually when I get in groups and survival hunters are doing under 10k I’m really hoping that’s the issue until I look at details and see they have the 4pc, then I just get real sad. It took me a minute to get used to survival and get the binds where it wasn’t killing my old man hands, but after a week or so to get used to the spec it’s really not too complicated. As long as you’re pressing buttons, keep your stings spread out and you’re keeping your bomb on cd, you shouldn’t really be having issues with your dps. Just blows the mind.