I highly recommend making your voice heard on the official weekly Realm Connections post as well while utilizing the #MergeEarthenRing hashtag.


Agreed. The more places we can make our voices heard; the better. I’ll keep hoping that we’re on the next Realm Connection.


I’m happy we’re not Eredar, Gorefiend, Spinebreaker, or Wildhammer in a way. Reading the Realm Connections thread, Blizzard has attempted to merge them 3 times and failed. I can only imagine the sysadmin nightmare behind merges like this, and the mesh of old/new tech behind it.

Fingers crossed for next round’s list of mergers. Thread is here for easy finding and posting about Earthen Ring:

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I sadly had to leave for a raiding guild. I’m ngl I miss when AD, KT and some others were merged with ER.

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ER needs Realm Connection not Merge.

Previous Veteran of ER here. I’m all for #MergeEarthenRing.

In case they do it, I want to just throw a few pointers out for the guilds that have posted a lot in here, cause I know some of you. This is only to help you guys cause I know how it can be getting merged with another server.

  1. Prep your guilds for the change in ecosystems. If you’re merged with WrA prepare for the Alliance to be not as populated and visa versa for MG on the Horde. Big RP hotspots (if they still are, it’s been a few years for me) are going to have changed or have trolls in them (eyes Blue Recluse)

  2. Don’t expect the warmest welcome, the last merge into MG did not go over well and really soured the opinions of a lot of RPers.

  3. Connect with the community and spread RP out. I remember that even 4-5 years ago it was very common for all RP to be in guild RP with the odd world RP event happening maybe once every six months.

  4. Stay out of Stormwind and Orgrimmar.

I do wish you all the best of luck and hope you get merged soon. I made an alt a few montsh back and ran to all the old hot spots and was super sad to see that none of them were as bumpin as they used to be. Just for final confirmation #MergeEarthenRing


Thanks, fren. :smiley:

Luckily, we’ve (guild) always enjoyed RP out of Stormwind, basically wargame or other storyline-related things, so that should help stay out of the cliques and power struggles that come with hotspots like SW. We’ve experienced that kind of inter-player strife before and it partly fueled our habit of straying away. There’s plenty of friends and RP to be had in less-tread places and Azeroth is meant to be explored.

For my part, SW feels odd to RP in after spending a lot of RP time in Boralus. Last Fall, you could log in and always find someone between Uptown and Mariner’s Row in the evening. It was wonderfully fun and the city is far more immersive, not to mention is kinder on the eyes in terms of polygons and textures. SW in comparison feels like it was made of paper-mache. I hope more parts of it get a face lift on day. We’re a small neighborhood but those who stayed wanted to, and it’s been good comradery. I’ve definitely put a lot of thought into abruptly returning to a larger community and all the dynamics in it, and how to guide the guild through it. I’m glad there’s someone else out there thinking on it and also giving good advice.

Hopefully ER will be announced soon. It wasn’t included in this week’s merge announcement, so it’s back to those threads and sounding our voices.

EDIT: Thread link added for easy access. Let’s get ER in here and support fellow small servers who also weren’t included in this batch:

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Even if it’s not to a huge realm or one that has a large Alliance pop, I think that Earthen Ring could use any help right now.

While I love Boralus, the reason main cities became popular for RP I think is because of the ease of getting lowbies/alts there before current content. That may be less of an issue considering leveling time is greatly lessened in Shadowlands from what I can tell.

@Cowi You’re absolutely right. We’re not asking for a merge in the true sense of two servers combining where only one exists in the end. We are asking for a connection to other realms. We absolutely wish to keep Earthen Ring as its own server identity.

I’m not sure that merges still occur, but, just in case and for clarification, we are using merge and connection interchangeably for the purposes of the current Realm Connections. :slightly_smiling_face:


I wonder how many would actually be happy with an actual merge, with potential name change, to say Wyrmrest Accord.

I’d happily merge with Wyrmrest Accord. I’ve got a few alts over there and really enjoy the community. With the way that they do the merges I don’t think we’d need to change our names, either.

I meant, merge, instead of connect. That would require name changes. Would you still be happy with that?

It wouldn’t be my first choice but if that’s what it took to bring Earthen Ring back to it’s former glory I’d certainly settle for it.

A new server connection thread is up for September 16th - 17th. Make your voice heard and #mergeEarthenRing!

A reminder to let people know to Connect Earthen Ring to other servers! If my dead fuzzy butt can do it, so you can you!


Really hoping something happens soon #MergeEarthenRing


This week’s realm connections thread is up. Sadly, ER is not listed. It’s a smaller thread this week, and they’re attempting to merge the first cluster of servers for the third time or so.

I posted in it. I hope it’s not the last set of connections before SL. Let’s get our voices heard in there!

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I also followed up on this weeks realm connections thread. Let’s hope for the best and keep our fingers crossed that it isn’t the final set of connections before Shadowlands.

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Yes, I’m concerned that they didn’t mention any more upcoming connections this time around. Here’s to hoping that they still have plans for more. Earthen Ring and other servers still need help boosting their communities.

Citizens of Dalaran! Raise your eyes to the skies and observe!

Great now that I have your attention. I don’t play on Earthen Ring nor Brazillian realms. However I hear their plight and hope that we as a community, Alliance and Horde from ALL servers can come together. The time has come to abandon realms and connect all realms of a given region. Instead use sharding to manage the populations. I can already hear the objections and I hope we can all work through them all to find a unifying and fair solution. #ConnectAzeroth

Detailed Arguments Here: #ConnectAzeroth - The Final Realm Connection

Yeah we got screwed