Melee Range Bug or AKA Leeway, Video provided

If this is a mechanic that is intended then it needs to be tweaked ASAP. Melee have an enormous advantage over everyone else.

This literally changes the Meta for pvp and also effects PVE as well.

Taking away hunters ability to kite efficiently. You conc shot a mob and try to gain distance. You CANNOT pop cheetah and run because you will be hit from 12-15 yards away.

Rogues getting ambushes and Backstabs from 12 yards away is game breaking and is NOT how vanilla worked.

Can we please get this looked at? Almost everyone agrees that this is a ridiculous mechanic to have in 2019 wow.


Its amazing, because in cat form on my druid, I get opposite leeway. As in, sometimes after pounce I can’t hit the target unless I am literally standing in his frame, otherwise it says "too far away or must be behind). So maybe they took the range off druids and gave it to other melee?

I am not sure. I know it’s literally changing the meta as everyone in the discoords are talking about ways to abuse it and how future premades will be set up.

Is blizzard Okay with this mechanic being abused on purpose and changing the meta of classic?

Leeway has already been addressed in the WoW Classic “Not A Bug” List

And now that we’re dealing with it at lvl 60 and see how game breaking the mechanic is, it needs to be looked again and tweaked. They need to completely remove it as it is 100% not needed in today’s wow. If that isn’t possible than it needs to be tweaked pretty badly.