Megathread: The Other Half of the Dragon Fantasy - DRAKONIDS

On the topic of Drakonid sexual dimorphism… new lore added in Dragonflight seems to have complicated things.

It was strongly implied - but never outright confirmed - that Drakonids are mortals unnaturally infused with draconic power to expediate a transformation into a draconic form (whereas the natural, long-term process resulted in dragonspawn).

Now, we know that Drakonids (or perhaps solely the Dragon Isles breed?) arose from the newly introduced tarasek, in a process analogous to protdrakes becoming dragons. Their now strictly reptilian origin would seem to rule out the possibility of vestigial mammalian traits.

This may come down to Rule of Cool, though - I would love to see a more feminine form offered, while still remaining bulky and monstrous.

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Also, shout out to Thallia’s thread:

And here’s an idea: if Blizzard can get the bugs ironed out, perhaps Drakonids could be the first truly neutral race, beholden to the Dragonflights themselves and not choosing a side in the faction conflict. Allow them to toggle between factions for the purposes of PvP and faction-specific content, but otherwise? Divorce them from factions entirely. They’re one of the few races for which neutrality would make sense.

Probably better off keeping everything consolidated to just one thread.

Having a truly neutral playable race could be interesting, but I’m just not sure that Blizzard would put in the work to make it happen (assuming you mean having their own faction hub and whatnot).

Whichever the community embraces, so too shall I.

As for the neutrality, I suppose it comes down to how many of the kinks are ironed out in the process to make cross-faction guilds. If they’re already doing the groundwork to make it possible, I would encourage them to try it.

On a different note, I’m imagining a Drakonid Paladin with the NPC Primalist Earth eyes. That is a classic WarCraft tone and aesthetic.

Perhaps the most important point of all: Drakonid not wearing shoes actually looks ok while wearing plate armor.

Only reason I don’t play troll/ztroll plate classes is because it just looks silly having all that armor and having those bare clown feet sticking out.

drakonid paladinos

love their new model

I like that you can’t see shoes, for the most part, on Troll races. I just wish that they’d either make it optional at the barbershop for the people that would prefer to confine those toes.

God I wish this was the model we got.

Should have been a dual race/class release. Drakthyr for caster/healer and Drakonids for melee/tank.


That’s an interesting thought, too. That being said, I don’t think the Drakonid necessitate a class unto themselves. They’re still typically humanoid. It doesn’t strain credulity in the same way that a Dracthyr ignoring the existence of their wings would.

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Dragonborn Paladins are absolutely iconic. I’d love to get an analogous fantasy in WoW.


And some Death Knight action for good measure:

This race looks very cool, really great concept. :+1::+1::+1:

It does, doesn’t it? I think it really hearkens back to the aesthetic roots of the franchise that we’ve moved away from in recent years.

Playing through Dragonflight only makes me want it more. The Drakonid have a lot more agency than I originally thought.

Seeing the Drakonid get so much focus and expansion on just how much autonomy and characterization each individual actually is privy to has me very optimistic that they’re being set up to become playable.

Im fine with both races being choices. The only issue I have with Dracthyr is for the love of god Blizzard give us polearms… EVERY FLASHBACK SHOWS US USING THEM!

To rub salt in the wound, the green BoA cosmetic Drakonid polearm has dropped for me. Twice.

More transmog options in general would be nice, though. Two slots isn’t enough to make my character feel “personal,” you know?

I don’t think Drakonids would have any issue with transmog outside of what is already addressed by Trolls, Tauren, and Worgen already.