Megathread: Instance Cap Removal

Last I checked, there are server reset timers. Last I checked, a “day” begins when the sun comes up. Playing semantics for the sake of spiting other people shows how little you offer to the discussion.

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I do want to say, I don’t really see harm in removing the cap. I also don’t see harm in it existing as it is.

Remove the instance cap blizzard. Stop restricting our game play.

I’m sorry, but, the timer starting when it does does not actually mean anything with regards to your concern. Glass half full or half empty. Losing the number of runs you participated in from the night before? Or gaining them after the reset? Perspective.

So called “normal people” also don’t care about server firsts, world records, speed runs, etc. But there’s still a lot of people who do, people who are being limited for no valid reason, and here you are arguing for that limit just to spite other people. Removing the limit will have zero effect upon those who don’t care about dungeon cleaves to 70. There is zero valid reason for you to be here arguing on behalf this 30 instance cap.

Getting both is better.

Fair. I respect your opinion.

Why 70 though lmfao why not 69?

Oh I see because the level cap is 70 omfg big brain blizzard you got us

Are you stating the instance cap was re-increased to 70? Do you have a source for this?

Actually, if you don’t spam dungeons you are going to have a hard time progressing to raids. Most of your required faction grinding will happen in dungeons, why you would not run them while leveling to get both exp and faction I don’t know. If you don’t do them while leveling, you’ll find that’s all you’ll be doing at 70 because you need to get attuned, get your pre-bis drops, and be able to buy the faction based pre-bis, recipes, enchants, etc.

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It’s unfortunate that all during beta blizzard was silent on this just to pull the rug out from under people when pre patch launches. There should be no cap, but if a cap is “needed” then it should be for that higher number of 70. It’s been proven in classic that this cap does nothing to stop bots or gold farming.

Just remove the cap as it effects no one other then the people dungeon grinding.

they gimp the player, that is all there is to it
it does nothing to stop bots

Am I the only one who wishes there was a lower cap? Make it so low that dungeon boosting is a waste of money. 20 instances a day? 10 instances a day? I’d be happy with it. Get these boosters out of business.

That Blue post just reinforces the 30-per-24hour instance limit.


You realize there are far better ways to go about that than capping dungeons? Like simply changing the exp a low lvl gets with a max lvl in the group? Use your brain.

Mission accomplished, Ironchain? You’re welcome!

Seems like the cap was removed

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The highest number of instances somebody got to on the beta was 70. So let’s hope for everybody’s sake this is just somebody editing that page and not realizing. A blue post on this would clear up a lot of misinformation.

see above :slight_smile:

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