Mechagnome Customization Requests Thread

Oh my goodness. A creepy little Warlock with spider legs?!? I would die. I don’t know if that is even possible to make, but it would be soooo dope.

Lots of good ideas in this thread; I hope they’re able to implement some of them!


I like your post the only thing I disagree with is this. No race should be forced into a profession to be able to be customized nicely. No other race has to do this, so let’s not start now and not with mechagnomes. They’re already the least played race. I can already hear the complaints.

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I like these but I wouldn’t tie it to professions or some other limitation.

Any new customization should be available from the click of Mechagnome.

This though. Top notch.

I agree.

Thats not beyond the scope of WoW.

Already paladin is stretched like that. The Sunwalkers are not true paladins and the Prelates are very different from standard paladins.

Even the Zandalari Druids and Kul’Tiran Druids already veer from standard Druidism. Mechagnomes being able to be something new but similar is entirely plausible.

Probably not possible sadly. But a damn cool idea!

Deserves to be up there with the rest.


Reposting my suggestions from the customization megathread:

There are some great new customization options so far! If all of the allied races get a second look, here is some feedback for mechagnomes.

  • Paint: Since the arms and legs are always exposed, having additional paint schemes would really help with coordinating transmogs and general appearance. Some ideas include gunmetal black, platinum, copper, frosty cobalt, and rose gold schemes.
  • Skin Color: Having skin color(s) that give the appearance of full metal could help recreate that original mechagnome appearance, like this mockup by Gadorow on Reddit:

  • Hair Style: A few more options would be nice for mechagnome men, such as pompadours.
  • Facial Hair: Also for the men, it would help to have separate mustache and beard categories, like regular gnomes, plus some extra beard options.
  • Hair Color: Some additional options would be nice, such as the death knight hair colors, metallic pastels, or colors borrowed from regular gnomes. As a new feature, fiber optic highlights could be fun. They could be toggled like the void tendrils, and maybe have their color tied to optical lens color.
  • Modification: It would be convenient to have jaw, eye, and ear modifications separated from each other. This could allow more mix-and-match combinations, like the example below. Adding a couple more options for jaw and eye modifications would be nice, too.

  • Leg Upgrade: Some ideas for additional options are thicker metal legs with wires filling in the sparser areas, as well as flesh legs for those who would like to transmog pants.
  • Arm Upgrade: Maybe one or two more options like scissor hands.
  • Optical Lens Color: This would be a new category. It would be fun to have more colors in addition to blue, such as red, green, orange, purple, yellow, burned out, etc.

  • Flair: Other small customization options, such as grease smudges, scars, and armor dents.

Oh I would like it for other races too. Stuff like Inscriptionists should be able to make stuff like hair dyes, tattoos to collect, armor dying, maybe ornaments, JC for example should make necklaces that are able to be seen as customization like some of the races have. This could be even with stuff like eating a food can turn your skin into an odd color, (and permenantly unlock cool customizations like maybe a yellow nightborne, or bright red panda, or burgundy hair/fur color.

This is amazing stuff! I think I saw it in there but I don’t remember if I responded to it. Very good. I may edit this thread with some of this if you don’t mind?

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I’d prefer they just add more customization without gating it in any way. There are already tons of timegates and things to farm. That’s just my opinion tho.

It’s an idea like going to a tatoo shop or buying your own hair dyes. This already happens with druid forms right now.

I get that but I’d just rather have all that kind of stuff unlocked by default. Just imo.

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Sure, go ahead! :slightly_smiling_face:

Updated the main thread a bit and added some pictures.

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I think mechanical head and torso options would finally make mechagnomes feel complete! Fleshy ones can remain as an option too. You could be full robot or cyborg, everyone wins.


Of course!

I believe we cover that with a full mechanical “skin tone” option.


Mechagnomes look like bidybabs.

Are… Are you a dinosaur?

Only the best dinosaur ever.

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I’ve run into robots, dragons and now dinosaurs.

The forums are wonderful.


I’d love to see all of this stuff for Mechagnomes. They had so much potential to be way more awesome, but Blizzard really didn’t do anything with them unfortunately.


I regret looking this up. I’m having nightmares tonight :sob:

They should of been like this from the beginning

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