MDI Shadowlands: Season 2 is Ready to Break New Ground

MDI Shadowlands: Season 2 is Ready to Break New Ground

Beginning August 18, the Mythic Dungeon International returns for Shadowlands: Season 2 with a new format, only on YouTube!

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Wow, this looks like an amazing improvement to MDI! I’m very excited and looking forward to watching this tournament - it’s shaping up to be amazing and quite engaging!


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M+ was a mistake.
Tricking people into doing the same dudgeon for an entire exp to get the exact same gear with a higher ilvl is not a good design, its lazy.


Mythic Plus is a great design choice, as it drastically enhances the replayability and re-use of dungeons from current expansions. Ion and the devs did a great job in designing M+.

Is there an alternative you would propose?

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Yeah, give us rotating M+ content across all dungeons from legion to now, remove all M+ gear save for trinkets and weapons, and have M+ reward valor that can be used to buy and upgrade gear from a vendor.

Each season we get a new set of gear with a new look.

That way we are not stuck doing the same 8 dungeons all exp long for the exact same looking gear just with a bigger number and at least get to have it broken up with more random dungeons to pick from.
MoP for example did M+ great (challenge mode was basically M+)

Also more raids.


Are they still running +18s or are you making them go higher this time?
Should be +22 or something, considering all these teams will have easily timed 20s to get those portals already.

Torghast Season 1 Races start the following week.

Oh man you guys are still trying to turn an online RPG into an e-sport? What does the MDI average 15k on a good day?


This is actually a pretty good idea. I’m shocked you thought of it.

I did just get a CT scan done so it was confirmed i do have a brain and to everyones shock, it was working.


I was wondering what their measure of success was for season 1. Based on viewer counts and media sentiment I figured it would have been counted as a loss.

They’re probably talking about the success of the Great Push, which was much more successful than the MDI.

Since they stuck them both together lol.

I don’t think M+ is a mistake. They constantly have issues balancing the rewards, and it IS repetitive, but I’ll take repetitive over “dungeons are entirely pointless after about 2 weeks of playing a new expansion”.

As for this thread…

I don’t give a single damn about eSports. Honestly I mostly clicked it to see people complaining about it. But it DOES seem like they made some reasonable improvements to the format after feedback, particularly feedback from The Great Push. So good on Blizz I guess, as far as eSports is concerned.

Balance problems aside, you had me until that.


Both were bad? I have to guess that they created some pat yourself on the back metrics.

The great push was extremely well liked amongst both the viewers and participants.

It just has a bit of controversary that has been rectified for future versions.

Idk about that. Just checked the stats on their YT vids for The Great Push and they aren’t good.