MDI is proving that melee is overpowered and casters need major buffs

It’s rediculous, triple melee dps, melee healer, melee tank. Why even play a caster when melee does it all better? They dont even have to cast abilities, their all instant and they have a hundred ways to close gaps and movement speed boosts. Do all the dev’s play melee or something? Never been this imbalanced before ever.


Watch a raid fight and its the opposite.


This is rather hilarious coming from a Mage.


no. it’s an issue of dungeon/mob design. mobility and instant cc/kicks is what is king right now. caster don’t need major buffs. What happens in the MDI is a poor litmus for what is strong and weak anyways.


LOL do a M+ in the game and you will see there has always been favoritism given to range on just about every boss fight, or at least the vast majority. Don’t use MDI as a norm since they are staged and not under real conditions.


BM hunters have entered the chat.

Casters have left the chat.


Nobody on live cares about how fast you can speed run low keys.

Mages are pretty great in all content, what are you talking about. Boomies not in a bad spot, and prefered over ferals most of the time anyway

Yeah a mage can kite you for a while I guess. While he’s doing that he’s putting out 0 damage. Meanwhile melee are forcing cds with just a few seconds of up time on the caster. If it weren’t for fire and destro you’d almost never see a caster in arena.


This feels like a Vanillanoob thread. I can’t tell if it’s bait or not.


This thread is about the MDI, aka Mythic+.

Blink, everyone has instant kicks. Dragon’s breath. Frost Nova. Fire mage and BM hunter are better than 90% of the classes in mythic+ right now. And they are ranged. So you watched 1 skewed MDI run wow great for you.


Definitely bait.


Idk but there’s been a lot of triple BM hunter comps.

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let me be break this down for you.

kicks… but ones that have a short CD… that every melee has which is crucial for crowd control with large pulls.

mobility… it’s being able to do LOTS of damage on the move. casters tend to fall behind. BM does do well here and it’s been a solid spec for MDI or just pushing in general… that said, OP said casters.


Unless you are doing MDI pulls (which you aren’t unless you are in the MDI). You don’t need 5 million kicks since most mobs you need to kick can also be cc’d.

Yes fire mage truly is immobile, such a shame. Again, if you are a caster the need to move is less than melee so you don’t need to be moving every second and if you do almost every caster can do something for a few seconds to reposition.


Did you miss the runs where they stacked hunters and mages?


From what my friend said on Discord, BM right now is currently the highest DPS and that’s all thanks to the way they’re scaling. With a lot of crit corruption stacking they can have A LOT of uptime on Bestial Wrath and Aspect of the Wild, along with short CD burst and all the utility they bring, and being very mobile.

Although like someone said earlier, MDI is not the norm, so it’s not like you’d see triple BM hunter comps on live often.

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look man… I’m saying WHY melee are doing well in MDI.

are you dense? there is OBVIOUSLY a reason why melee are doing so well in MDI style tournaments.

There you go. In the MDI. Ranged are still fine in a normal scenario. Don’t act like the pro scene is what 90% of the actual game is like. Or that it isn’t viable more than a lot of melee.