Maw of the Maw Torghast boss - WTH

Holy cow! This boss is broken, or I am missing some trick. I’m a 183 equipped BM Hunter, and I barely killed it using every trick and potion I had. Cruised through every other layer and level both weeks, but this boss almost finished my run.

I feel sorry for some of the other classes.

If I’m missing a trick, I would love to know what it is, so please share.

The fight lasted 67 seconds. I took 55,000 damage during the fight, and did ~359,000 damage to the boss to kill it. That comes out to ~5.4k dps. Also, I was able to interrupt “Gunk” twice on my 24 second CD.

BTW, here is the only wowhead page I could find on this boss:

A lot of people think I’m talking about the Oooze that spawns babies.

They finally added this boss to wowhead, and somebody described the mechanics:

Good luck to all my Warlock friends. Aww. Who am I kidding? Warlocks don’t have friends.


Is that the Ooze or the caster?

Its an ooze thAt eats yer armor.

It’s the Big Ooze that doesn’t split. Throws out “Devour Obleron Armaments” every few seconds for ~6k damage. Also throws out an interruptible “Gunk” every 15 seconds (my CD is 24s) or so for ~5k. Unless I have a major health buff (and I wasn’t lucky enough to get one), it’s tough.

Make me wonder if I shouldn’t have used the grappling hook to find one more buff.

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Oh the ooze. I was getting a bit worried towards the end but it wasn’t to bad.

Single target till he starts popping babies then stun and focus on aoe. Misdirect to your pet and throw down a tar trap for any that start to come after you. I don’t think I was even hit once during that fight. I did have to use mend pet a couple of times though.

Sounds like you might have gotten a bad build or trait options.

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Wrong one. That one was a annoying, but nothing like “Maw of the Maw.”


Thats weird the other wing had a caster I was able to burn in under 10 sec but he didn’t look like an ooze. Was there a third wing that opened or is the end boss somewhat random?

I wonder if they’re random. I googled it, and could only find references to the boss on the Chinese wowhead. They seemed confused how to handle the boss as well.

The bosses are somewhat random. I’ve gone multiple runs seeing the same boss in a row, then I’ll do another run the next day and it’s some other boss (same wing).

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I fought Maw of the Maw as a Prot Pally. Only got through it because I had on demand self healing. I was a bit concerned that it was eating all the buffs I had acquired through the run and REALLY concerned about how long it was taking me to kill the damn thing. But I managed it in one go.

Don’t feel too sorry for other classes. We really drew the shortstick when it comes to anima powers. Too many of them focus on pets (200% increased pet damage during eye of the beast, really?) and traps and don’t really give us much of a power increase in the end. You’re better off taking the boring common power that increases damage of one ability most of the time.

I’ve had a lot more fun on alts where you can do those crazy builds. Arcane mage is probably the most ridiculous right now. They can 1 shot a boss.


The misdirect damage is great and for bosses the intimidate causes 100% crit and 100% crit damage is amazing.

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Yeah the 100% crit/crit damage is pretty much the only amazing power we have. Misdirection damage is one of the common ones I was talking about along with stuff like increased Aimed Shot damage which is very strong for MM, but pretty boring. But that stuff just doesn’t get close to how fun some powers are for other classes.

Got him on my run through. I’m starting to wonder if Balance is just kinda OP in torghast. Convoke got it down to around 55-60% then just normal rotation + anima buffed roots and he went down. Had to regrowth once after convoke’s HoTs dropped.

Edit to add that I’m full clearing floors to stack as many anima powers as possible. Average of 2 epic powers per layer and 20ish total powers overall. Last run @178 il.

I’ve been trying to find Torghast info and it doesn’t seem to be anywhere. Some of these wings/bosses require a lot of forknowledge to be able to solo.

I’m so glad you posted this. I felt bad not being able to kill it after 3 tries on a 171 druid.


There is probably some RNG in there as well. I had pretty bad luck on Anima powers. 59k damage is hard to deal with if you don’t have a decent health buff, and you only have one self-heal (had to run a BL pet to get him down, so I didn’t even have the heavily nerfed Spirit Mend available).

2 of us came up to this boss. He hit pretty hard towards the end of the fight.

WW Monk & BM hunter. He had the anima power that gives kill shot a chance to 1 shot anything below 20% hp. Fortunately, it procc’d, so it just finished it off.

Monk anima powers are remarkably boring. I honestly feel like 60-70% of the time, I don’t even get a monk anima power. I get powers that “buff” my night fae Soul Shape ability SO OFTEN - it’s so lame. I can’t count the times I’ve opened one to get 2 choices - one is a blue quality that buffs Soul shape and one is a green quality that buffs soul shape.

I wouldn’t be surprised if by the time I finish a torghast run, over 50% of my anima powers are non-monk/class related.


I beat him on layer 3 on my Brewmaster, took 8 smoke bombs.

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i had issues last week but this week i just went straight to layer3 for both portals and it was a breeze (fury warrior).

i have a feeling RNG is a big thing in there… a lot depends on what buffs you get