Master Loot the Problem and a Solution


That’s the problem. Master loot will always generate those situations. People that like to abuse power will always seek it. It’s unavoidable and you either deny them of it or let them abuse it.

So personal loot. The big gripe seems to be progression guilds that all “agree” on a gearing strategy but run into the higher iLvl restriction on trading. Personally I don’t see this very often, but I do see it.

So how about limited unlock system. Every player will get an unlock every one to two weeks that can unlock something that’s a higher iLvl. So at most, in a bad situation they could be compelled to lose one item a week. Guilds can than buy a limited amount of unlock keys, like the bonus roll tokens, and use one on a members unlock.

It’s not complete control but it does allow for more flexibility. And it would probably open the door to some shady tactics like benching people when they have no tokens, but that’s going to be a lot more upfront and obvious than other forms a nepotism like abuses.

The “solution” would be disable it for pugs and allow it for guilds so we can move over this garbage argument at this point, right?

Wait wasnt the same very people disliking PL the ones that give us corruption system in 8.3 because titanforging was “bad”?


For the sake of the argument, lets assume Blizzard didn’t make the change for no reason or for some ideological hatred of hard core gamers. Instead assume they made change based on exit survey data and metrics from customer support and the data says master loot is never coming back.

Would the above solution be better than the current player loot?


if guilds “councils” want to feel all mighty and powerful with the loot control, let them… people that dislike lootcouncil guilds should have a way to avoid those.


/10 char


no they didnt.

some people got trapped with others due to friends/family, years playing on a guild that recently decided to switch to lootcouncil for “better control”.

inb4 “bUt ItS a RaRe sItUaTiOn” no it’s not, using your head to see every posibility makes sense otherwise lets just create a game for people that think 1 way and the rest that dont like it well… tough stuff, eh?

I already “support” this garbage in order to calm ML boat folks but even so you folks want to have every little thing eh? you removed titanforging when all it needed was a cap on lfr/normal but we got corruptions… and yeah I can forgive but never forget.


personal loot is way better. i don’t know why it wasn’t like this from the beginning.

thinking loot should be detached from someone’s personal experience of playing the game never made since for 99.99% of players


There is no problem because mythic raiders are getting along just fine with PL. Their minor convenience is not worth 1000 years of suffering ML for everyone else.


Wait so are you telling me that mythic raiders are okay with it?

then what kind of “guilds” are against it? :thinking:

They claim not to be ok with it, when its a minor inconvenience. They want to make life much harder for others, just to make raiding slightly more convenient for them selves.


Master Loot as a Guild Group option is the compromise.

PL and ML can coexist.


Interesting… now that I think about it I havent seen “further” negative feedback regarding it. They adapted like some people do in this game.

they can for sure but not on pugs on pugs it must be disabled.

guilds? sure those lootcouncil “conversations” for over the loot must be interesting regardless I bet.

I wasn’t going against what you were saying. Full pugs are locked to Personal Loot as they make up 90% of group listings.

ML restricted to guild groups who pug the last few members with multiple warnings to ensure players know what they’re getting into.

I mean this is really the best answer… Why don’t people see that? Having an actual choice is all the players want, not something being forced on them


Bosses used to drop 2 items for 40 people. Now half the raid gets loot. ML or easing the trade restrictions would allow guilds to fully gear tanks and healers after one run.


Another ML thread! Thank you, OP! We needed another one of these. The other 6 in the top of the recently read were not enough.


I dont believe that matters much, only a small portion of guilds are going to be doing that. 90% of high end content are ran with pugged groups.

Two tanks exist and up to 5 healers only exist in one group at any time. Even with ML you won’t fill an entire tank or healers gear in one run.

The primary method for gearing up at all currently is Mythic+, and in Shadowlands, that’s being nerfed hard.

The reason i love the concept of Master Loot only for full Guild runs is how quickly it ends the debate.
It works, and the people who wanted it are happy.
It doesn’t work and leads to Guildess pugging chaos for the masses.

Either way ends the Master Loot debate.

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you know those ML pro lovers have to keep pushing like they did with titanforging removal…

I hope they get what they want…