Massive stutters with DF client

Stuttercity. RTX3060 TI here. Even worst since last week.

I have already done so, and I will not return unless this is fixed


I have a PC with good performance and Valdrakken is just horrible.
I always have a constant FPS drop. It only gets better when I enter a build like the auction house. Normally with everything at maximum the game runs smooth at 75fps which is the refresh rate of my monitor, but in Valdrakken I simply can’t even reach 60fps.


Lag and stutter is two different things. The stutter is not caused by the servers, but most likely a problem with shader/asset loading multiple times over and over.

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Is this problem you all talking about? Because its mine too… Thanks to confirm that its not me…


I wanted to come in with some clarification as multiple specific issues are getting lumped together here.

There has been a general stutter issue (normal latency affecting dragonflight) that can be caused by a client issue that is being investigated. (No ETA on it though some folks have found relief in this thread with altering some settings in game. Some of the core issues are actually related to performance issues between nvidia and windows 11 that have been previously discussed and are being addressed with updates by both microsoft and nvidia. We too are working on our end to address the issues from this.

There are also some specific zone/area service issues that have been hitting very high pop realms since dragonflight launch that are also causing issues. Azure Span and Valdrakken being the two main ones. This is not the same issue as what was originally reported here though I can confirm our engineers are aware of both issues and are working on them from our end. There are specific threads for both of those issues atm.

Then there are those experiencing localized issues not related to either of these situations. It can be hard to determine if it is related to what I discussed above or if it’s something with the local system, client or network.

For those I recommend the normal troubleshooting steps of making sure windows and video drivers are up to date. Default the game client by clearing the cache, interface and wtf folders in the retail install directory. (This will remove addons) and shutting down other software while playing that is not needed for the game, system or connection to function. (Overlays, performance software, etc…)

Stuttering is not typically a connection issue but sometime rubberbanding can be confused with stuttering which is a connection issue. very similar in description sometimes but visually distinct. In cases of suspected rubberbanding, shutting down the system and network and powering off the modem/router for a few minutes is an easy step to clear out any bad connection data.

As for the Stutter issue specifically called out in this thread, it will likely take a combination of updates from microsoft, nvidia and our dev teams to fully knock it out. We will update this thread if we get any updates on the situation.


Has anyone gotten a response through opening a ticket? This expansion is being raved about and I haven’t even been able to enjoy 1 full hour of gameplay since launch. Spend all my free time trying to fix the performance issues. It’s impossible for me to ignore.

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This has been happening way before DF launched, it started with the prepatch. There was no stuttering like this before that. Also i wonder if some of the problem has to do with sync issues. I was playing around with the Vsync, set it to 60, and even then i have FPS spike from 60,90,120 rapidly even with it turned on.

It’s even worse today after the downtime in certian areas, like the tuskarr fishing spot in The Waking Shores.


That’s exactly what happens to me, my PC configuration is a little more modest though. The rest of the game works perfectly except for Valdrakken. (some stuttering here and there in the world).

Someone can confirm that im not the only one with the problem showed in the video?


Running a 10600k and 3080ti on Windows 11 22H2. Reinstalled, disabled all addons, different audio drivers, different GPU drivers nothing alleviated stuttering.

Disabling audio completely however has removed 99% of the stuttering I was experiencing.


While I appreciate the response, the stutters/pop-ins started happening the moment pre-patch hit and most of us did not update anything the day before it went live. Windows 10, 11, macOS or Linux all have the same issues. I see you mention only Nvidia, when this also happens on AMD and Intel GPUs, and countless of combos that I’ve had tested at my workplace.


I can confirm this is more or less the stuttering all the systems I’ve tested have.

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I do believe that this original thread relating to framerate stuttering when entering new areas, loading in characters, that occurred as soon as pre-patch hit (I was actually reporting this using the “submit a bug” all through the PTR btw), was merged by a forum moderator a few days back.

The issue that occurred with the roll out of pre-patch is definitely not network related, as far as latency is concerned. It is definitely a game engine specific issue that has to do with drawing assets, particularly players, but also NPCs and game world objects. If you look back in this thread, the “cvar” command (that Blizzard subsequently rolled into a client update) fixed the worst of this stutter but certainly not entirely.

Some may be, but a whole heck of a lot of people here are using Windows 10, Mac, Linux, AMD and Intel, so this is not the underlying issue.

That’s right - different issue to the framerate stutter. World lag caused by unresponsive servers that leads to characters stuck looting, taking ages to perform in game actions etc, is a completely different issue.

Good point; rubber-banding (where a character is running in one spot and then flies across the screen as the server catches up), stuck looting, delays when casting etc are NOT what this thread was originally about. A completely separate issue.

Drakuloth indicated that the devs were addressing this specific issue a month and a half ago. Can you please remain on topic and keep us in the loop regarding this?



Agree ^ slowly losing interest in a product I spent $150+ on :smiley:


lmfao really? No comment on the asset pop in?? Except you eluding to it being unrelated, and refer us to your dumb standard issue troubleshooting that we have all done multiple times? Let me repeat, this is in YOUR game only. I am having it in 0 other games. And it ONLY happened right after you dropped that god awful prepatch that broke my game. Might just refund/unsub after this. Thx lol


Thank you for this. Disabling sound removed 99% of the stuttering I was experiencing as well (whether playing music in the background or not). In particular, disabling only the sound effects seemed to eliminate most of the stuttering. Completing dragonriding races (when my stuttering is at its worst) with audio turned off was infinitely smoother.



We need some of expertise in here since your a engineer lol!

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lmfao /10char

Looks like you’re also getting asset pop in, at least with enemies. Hard to tell with objects/trees/rocks since there really arent any where you are.

I think the main thing I can gather is a lot of people simply aren’t noticing it because they’re not graphics junkies like some of us. But you know what, you don’t have to be one to be irritated by this stutter which I’m 100% positive is related to every problem happening here.

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