Margrave Stradama

Nerf this into the dirt. I have been watching runs die here all expansion and its not gonna change. Ignore the few e-peen measuring weirdos who just have to reply to this that its ‘not that hard’. Ph3 of Magrave is on par with any mechanic I have ever had to do. This is like end game, last boss level difficult and if you get distracted for half a second peaking at adds or whatever then you look up and see a wall of identical tentacles everywhere and you die. Ridiculous.

Compare this to something for me. I certainly cant think of any dungeon boss, this expansion or otherwise, with a phase this intense. Adds, another add, the tentacles and the poison rain? Btw, all while the tank has to stay glued to her but not so close that he gets one shot by the pool.


You really don’t have to do anything about the adds or the rain though. Just don’t get hit by tentacles and have good DPS and she will die.

It’s just a DPS race more than anything. Obviously if people die it’s a DPS race that you won’t win.

True enough on Fortified, but that’s absolutely not the case on Tyrannical. Everyone complains about Tarvold on Tyrannical, but Margrave is THE Tyrannical boss.

The thing is in phase 3 at least, you basically have to ignore the adds and burn the boss. They keep constantly spawning anyway, so you just have to kite them.

There’s not much else to be done except burn.

Really you identified the problem yourself, people failing at dodging tentacles. Apart from that this is just a healer + DPS check. Losing 1/5th of your group to a tentacle is always going to be a wipe.

Aside from the two things that are going on its a dsp/healer race lol what? But they are going on and if an add touches you you die. So, constant moving, multiple instant death mechanics and a huge check for the dps and heals.

If this isnt crazy hard then do as I ask and compare it to anything in existence. Imo this is amongst the hardest dungeon bosses all time. I dont recall anything in BFA having this kind of fail rate.

I’m not sure what you mean, I’ve never mentioned tentacles.

Honestly just dodge the tentacles lol.

They never slap the same spot twice in a row so you just wait for them to slap and then move where they slapped. You don’t really have to move that much even, you just have to be quick to react to position yourself when they start spawning.

The worst case scenario with the tentacles is the circular pattern that spawns immediate to your left or right and you have to run around the circle the long way. but even then you can still make it safely.

The biggest issue I see with this boss is ranged and healers standing too far away which means they have to move further when tentacles come. Everyone should be hugging the inner circle to minimise how far they have to move.

If youre doing it on 10+ with prideful, even on tyrannical its not too bad.
P1 prideful
P2 Cooldowns
P3 lust
Phase 3 is the hardest for sure, but with all the immunities people have, self heals, dispells, it isn’t too bad.
Tentacles are quite a simple mechanic to dodge. P3 adds either kite or knockback/stun. Usually you can get thru phase 1&2 before the rain stacks to 4.
Phase3 might be 2 full casts of rain. That is when your group needs to save defensive.

Also keep in mind that you can get a pretty significant buff if you have a Necrolord in your party from the slimes on the stairs before the boss. Fleshcrafting the slime corpses provide 10% damage reduction and 15% haste to the whole party for 3 minutes.

I am enjoying this boss, it feels similar to the last guy of Tol dagor with all the damage going out and dodging. I like bosses that require personal responsibility.

This is a great tip

I have been trying to get this on 14 this week. I would like someone’s opinion who has pugged a 14 pls. lol

She is brutally unforgiving to be sure, but if the tentacles weren’t a one shot the fight would be a joke. The main problem as I understand is how much more difficult it is if you don’t have someone who can dispell disease. If they were to nerf it I suppose they could reduce the add damage or melee range, otherwise it honestly is a get good thing.

With that said, it does feel like there is an issue with the disparity with how difficult some bosses are compared with others. The second boss of NW for instance, where it is honestly almost shocking that it hasn’t been nerfed yet.

you mean the players better than you who can guide you and mentor you to become better?

those are the people you should listen to, not ignore, if you want to be better.

your attitude is holding you back and making you fail to meet your own expectations. you could be accomplishing so much more with the right coaching.

Hi. Simplify the fight for yourself. Don’t feel like you have to do too much. The fight requires some personal responsibility to really make it feel much easier. Communicate with your group when to use health pots, when the healer has his or her big CD, and when the Dps has big defensives and rotate those accordingly. Dwarves can stoneskin off the acid rain dot or Kyrian can phial it off. Save that for when the stacks get to about 4, then wipe them clean. Ofcourse, rule #1 is dodge tentacles. Although dps is always important, a dead player does zero as the old saying goes, so focus on that dance first and foremost and if everyone takes that advice the boss will die with relative ease on a 14. You cannot assume that people will do these things, so mention it at the beginning of the key and again right before the boss is going to be pulled. Time the pride and a hero for it. Use your 1 min offenseive CDs on the pull and save the big CDs for the third phase (think trueshot aura, sorry I’m a hunter) out of all of this advice the most important thing is relaying information and communicating beforehand. This applies to all keys at all key levels and will greatly improve your success rate. You can be surprised how good the community can be if someone just takes initiated before an encounter begins. Good luck!

Honestly my biggest issue is with bad affixes mixing with this boss. Nothing feels worse than having an add spawn on the other side of the room, then that add spawn an explosive (this was last week) that you can’t get to because tentacles will kill you, so you’re kinda boned.
Or this week, you’re running to avoid tentacles, but a volcano drops on your spot.
I don’t even want to think about the s-show that storming is going to be.

Tectacles are problem. most of the time in my screen i am in safe zone but get hit from tentacles because i am close to hit zone.
I mean when tentacles hit they leave green zone and i am not in it but still get hit by it.

We lost timer when quaking and tentacles (spawns with big add’s circle that tanks soak) happened same time.

The only issue I have with this boss is that the tentacles range isn’t accurate. Two tentacles hit just as wide as 3 & 4 tentacles and very misleading.

I like the fight, I just wish they’d fix the weird hitbox on the tentacles. It was fine at the start of the expansion, but they broke it a few weeks later :frowning: