Margrave Stradama

The rain needs to be nerfed to the ground and the tentacles need to have their hitboxes fixed, I’ve seen many people die while they were completely out of the AoE.

I can’t stand this dungeon because of this reason. Infectious Rain hits WAY too hard for how many times it is cast in the fight on tyran.

Either have it cast less, or hit less hard. It’s garbage.

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The entire Manastorm bosses are more complex and challenging than Margrave.

Edit: Oh I fell for the necro.

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The one thing I found harder on Tyrannical is hearing her say “My house weeps with blight” 100 times more.

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If they made the rain a magic debuff instead of a disease it would be an improvement. That way at least you’d always have 1 dispel.

but it’s a house of plagues though :nerd_face:

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Learn to use a personal.

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Idk never had a problem with that boss.
Only bosses that really end plaguefall groups for me is the first and swcond bossess. Those are pugging nightmares even though they are very simple fights.

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You have only done a 15 in PF, no offense but i can get a grp together with 1 tank and 4 dps and blast a 15, we’re talking about keys at the 20+ level where if you don’t have things like darkness or amz or people don’t use personals at all or health pots it makes the healers job almost impossible

I tryed pugging this place on 18 one time and 19 2 times on friday people failed the first and second bossess mechanics 2 times and the last 19 got to margrave but 2 dps and the healer decided that getting slapped by a tentacle was a good idea.

I almost never had an issue on 1st and 2nd boss and until 20+ no issues on last boss but on tyran it seems to hit extra hard, pretty insane to heal a 20-21 pugging to be honest

You and everybody else. I’ve fallen victim a time or two myself.

The question is… better to necro, or to make a new thread? I can’t begrudge Pizzashammy for wanting to vent about this boss though, haha. I don’t actually mind this boss, but it is one of the very few that I’m in actual danger of going OOM on in M+ as a Resto Druid. The 4th boss in NW was another, but before the nerf… I did it last night and it was much, much easier.

It was just dps basically doing 0 dmg on first boss or dieing too swirlies on the second, or well getting slapped by tentacles on the last.

Every boss in that dungeon is difficult. Even the third one on high keys one shots people