March 23rd Hotfixes

As we predicted…


The games pretty balanced right now, so not much they need to put in the notes.



Absolutely wild.

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Stunning and yet absolutely believable.

PvP defs literally trolling the playerbase rn




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holy piss are they literally on crack?

gotta stop that extra corruption damage we hate gamebreaking extra dmg!

Im baffled… they arent dumb, i know they know whats going on. I cant understand why they dont even comment on it…

the dev prob said: let it sink in, let the peasants adapt to the new meta, give it some time.

they’ll have to eat anything we feed them.

I came back to see how the game was. Played two games and 3 rets later I’m back to building my house in valhiem.


100% unsubbing wtf kind of crack are you smoking blizzard… NERF RET PALADINS ITS NOT THAT HARD.

Tbh (unbiased pov here) people are angry because Ret isn’t garbage and is actually threatening + difficult to kill, the same as the other A and S tier specs. But people can’t handle that. They expect - they DEMAND - Retribution be absolute trash at all times for reasons I’ve never fully been able to comprehend. Like they just feel like anyone who enjoys the spec deserves to be treated like trash.

I play Arms, DK, and Ret for my melee characters. DK hits harder, outright, with the same gear. Arms has more consistently functional Survivability with the same gear and hits slightly under what Ret does. Ret right now has about the same level of tankiness as DK with less damage.

For the first time in a long time Ret isn’t garbage. They’re crying because Ret doesn’t instantly flop when it’s stared at too hard like they feel entitled to have it do. They’re crying because they can’t sit a HoJ and facetank a Ret’s entire offensive toolkit and survive easily like they feel entitled to. They’re crying because Ret isn’t garbage for the first time in a long time and can actually stand on it’s own.

That extra tick of corruption damage was absolutely game-breaking.

this feels like trolling at this point by blizzard

Justicars into proc divine storm hitting for 200k up to 300k isnt op?

nice :smiley:

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Skill issue