Man this really sucks... Will Blizzard listen? Unofficial Mistweaver support group:

Blizzard coming in hot and heavy with that .3% buff to vivify and that .1% buff to RM :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


On paper its such a tiny change it hardly seems worth it. I guess I wont know for sure until I try it out. Hopefully blizzard will address some of the other issues that mistweaver has and get us back to feeling good about playing our spec.

%s make it look better than it really is though? In real mana talk isnt this
Vivify costs ~150 mana
RM will cost ~50 Mana

These are all productive changes for RBGs/PVE, but still waiting over here for some buffs applicable to Arena survivability/utility.

If its really only -150 mana to viv and -50 to RM thats just insanely laughable considering how the majority of complaints with MW are in regards to mana issues.

its like if someone knows we absolutely love cookies and absolutely need some, and that individual comes up and gives us a single crumb of a cookie being like Well, there ya go. Theres your cookie, enjoy!

Yea圬oesnt feel good at all.

Looks that way, 100%.
On my MW, RM is 1110 & Viv is 2050 (of 50k mana), which literally works out to 2.2 & 4.1%, respectively. That said, with the PTR updates our base costs on these spells would be RM @ 1050 & Viv @ 1900, right?
Unless Im an idiot & suck at math? :rofl:

Post your MW you do arenas with and Ill believe you :slight_smile:

I suck at math in general so Im in no position to call you out on your math, which in that case Im compelled to believe ya lol

Created a post on the PTR for forum.

Would imagine most devs, or at least a community manager, would be paying attention to that sub forum? Otherwise, why really make it?

Again, I think a class overhaul is due, but unfortunately wont come until next expansion, or much later in this current one. My main hope is to become more so viable in PVP, thats all I want out of this game, personally.

So curious on raiding, I used to play a mist on and off but never really felt like I brought much to the raid. So as we sit right now in SL, why would I bring my MW back to life for raids over my Resto Shaman? is there even anything I could do better as a MW or on par with my Resto Sham?

Short answer: No. Resto Shaman is so much further ahead than MW right now it isnt even funny.

Long answer: It really depends on your progression and what playstyle you like more, but if youre doing any kind of mythic raiding at all Id stick with the resto shaman. They have better hps, better raid utility, and less mana problems. The only fight you might bring a MW on over a Resto Shammy is Sun King and even then they arent really required, just good.


Im sorry but fistweaving is not hard. If I were that type of person I would say it is the lazy spec (dps and essence font on cd). But I wont because everyones opinion matters. Again for the wall of text you sent me, I am mostly talking about PVP. I have been playing since it came out. I dibsd it in firelands when it was announced. Fistweaving at the start was a viable but not the most played spec.

I might add, I finally finished gearing my resto druid, god its so much better. I keep mana, I can defend myself, I have reliable cc, I dont oom in 2 minutes. This is for m+ and raid too. I also save innervate for monks :smiley:

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Since theyre buffing Clouded Focus to 20% I thought it was worth mentioning (and I said this in the PTR forum already) that I think this doesnt address the biggest issue with the legendary. The biggest issue is that you only benefit from it at all if you are casting multiple spells in a row on a single target during a single SooM.

If they changed the legendary to start at 1 stack as soon as you start channeling SooM, youd benefit from it even with a single cast on a target and it would make the legendary a lot more useful more frequently.

Changing SooM back to a 0.5s GCD like it was in WoD would also make a SooM centered build using this legendary feel better as well.


Got bored and tried to roll my MW into 10+ Mythics holy god does this healer feel like trash still. I mean its a challenge sure在ut it just doesnt feel like any of our abilities really do anything? This whole spec needs a serious re-work.

I guarantee whichever developers are working on healers for 9.0 and beyond are not and have not ever played M+ 2 or higher as a mistweaver.
Feels completely awful.

Anyway back to Windwalker for me.


For what its worth, I tested this legendary last night and was receiving the benefit on the first cast. Ive heard reports of it working one way or another, decided to bite the bullet and test it myself. I cant tell if the mana reduction is working as well, but I see no reason why it wouldnt if Im gaining the healing increase.

That said, this doesnt change the state of Mistweaver. You could literally make every legendary, conduit, and talent baseline on Mistweaver and it wouldnt bring it into viability. The gutting of our kit needs to be undone.


Oh interesting, I never bothered to make it (I pretty much stopped playing my MW entirely). At least 20% off (in 9.0.5) every Vivify cast and EM cast seems nice.

Hoping 9.1 will see some significant changes to the baseline kit.

Im thinking of going Touch of Death legendary for dungeon DPS and world content. My HPS is generally kick a$$ in dungeons, throughput is incredible but its easy to burn through mana if you use Enveloping Mist too freely. Generally speaking most dungeon runners are kind of dumb, and most of their shortcuts mean more work for the healer.

There are a few really nice perks to the Mistweaver kit that Ill post here, if Blizz actually fixes these without buffs then lol. One is that Crackling Jade Lightning will get off an extra tick if you refresh it on the GCD; so, instead of letting it channel, keep re-applying every GCD to be getting an extra damage tick in there. Second, you can use Thunder Focus Tea untalented to buff two abilities. Use one of your casted abilities first, like Soothing Mist or Vivify, and then get off an instant cast like Rising Sun Kick or Renewing Mist immediately and Thunder Focus Tea will buff both abilities. This is a huge throughput tactic for single target healing, with applying boosted Soothing Mist and immediately getting a nice 30 second Renewing Mist to follow. In combat you can use this to heal yourself while also getting the lower cooldown Rising Sun Kick.

Heavily leaning towards Necros. Bonedust Brew, which I have found never feels huge but the biggest blessing is that its on a very nice quick 1 minute cooldown. That means you can be using this all the time, and it works very well with all the high-interval abilities we have both offensively and defensively. I am thinking about talenting back to Refreshing Jade Wind since it will get off a ton of Brew procs, even though in general it seems Statue is way better for throughput and lower GCD burden.

Or or lets not prune more things from MW, but make what we have better. I mean, prob wont happen, but imagine:

Mobile SooM channel coming in 9.1 (works the same as now just you can move wo breaking the channel).

Game changer. THE Mobile Healer can actually BE mobile.

So, not gonna lie, I didnt read the other posts in this thread, and I recently swapped to hpal, but I figured this is a good place to share my thoughts about MW since I played the spec since the beginning of BFA.

For context, I was a 2200 MW in 2v2 in S3 of BFA on my alliance monk, and pushed to around 1800 with no corruption and low ilvl in S4 (I came back halfway through the season and couldnt be bothered to farm corruption). In Shadowlands, I hit ~1550 io a few weeks into the expansion (17s and 18s or so) at about 213 ilvl. I decided to take a break after one of the first push weeks because I was burned out, and when that break started, I was the #10 MW in the world for keys.

All that to say holy crap, Blizzard doesnt care about this spec at all. Its insane. There was literally no reason for anyone to ever bring me to a group if another healing spec was available, no matter what aspect of content it was. We run out of mana way too fast, we dont deal enough damage, and basically anything we can do, other healers can do just as well, but they have a niche in addition (i.e., more damage or more utility).

In PvP, I can keep people alive, but I oom quickly compared to other healers, and if someone looks at me funny, I die basically. There isnt enough time to do the kiting and surviving that we could do in BFA because the meta is too bursty. Our defensives are adorable (15% DR and HP on a 3 min cooldown? Really?), and we die through them. If I push in to do damage, Im trolling, because again, I die if they swap to me (never mind that our melee damage is bad anyway). If I try to DPS with crackling jade lightning, the damage is incredibly low. Like, LAUGHABLY low.

In keys, all of our damage is active, compared to other healers that have some kind of passive ticking damage. This passive damage makes up a large percentage of their damage, and we just dont get get access to anything like that. Furthermore, if we spend 100% of our time DPSing, we STILL do lackluster damage compared to all other healers. Mystic touch does not make up for this difference at all. In addition, we have mana problems, and the laughable vivify change wont make up for it.

I dont raid, but Ive heard its a really, really bad time for MWs. Another situation where youre honestly just trolling if you bring one.

When I came back to the game a few weeks ago, I decided to try out holy paladin just for fun. As much as I hate to say it its just categorically better and more fun. In keys, was out-damaging my 213 MW at 184 ilvl on my hpal, and was still having no issue keeping my group up. Even from a fun playstyle perspective, it felt like what many of us fistweavers have been asking for. This tells me that blizzard clearly understands how to bake these aspects into a class and make it worthwhile from a damage perspective to be a melee healer, but they just straight up dont care about MW monk.

So Screw it. Im a holy paladin now I guess. Ill come back to MW if Blizzard actually gets someone to work on the spec who cares about it, listens to the players, and understands its problems. Its really a shame, because tons of fantastic feedback was given throughout the alpha and beta, but they seriously just straight up dont care.


Hard to say without coming off like a dick over the internet, but struggling with a +7 isnt a class issue.

That sounds more of a gear issue (or a player one). No healing class is so undertuned that they cant handle a 7 if they understand what theyre doing and have the appropriate level gear.

That, to me, sounds like the equivalent of a Resto Shaman having mana issues because theyre spamming Healing Surge instead of Healing Wave, not building any crit or not using Cloudburst properly, etc. My intent isnt to invalidate your concerns with MW, but somethings off in this scenario that isnt the class.