Man this really sucks... Will Blizzard listen? Unofficial Mistweaver support group:

Well, they’re getting minor changes but in PvP only:

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Well that sucks…for me anyway. I don’t pvp. Come on Blizzard, this thread is full of awesome suggestions.

Welcome changes for sure but not enough…however I don’t mind Blizz taking the ‘small changes’ approach, as long as they are relatively often. We’ve had back-to-back weeks of tuning so let’s hope it continues.

Cocoon being able to be a 1 min 20 sec CD instead of 1 min 35 sec does mean we can use it for every 1.5 min offensive CDs from certain classes like Avatar, and can use twice for every 3 min CD like Incarn.

Mana regen is a nice passive bonus…along with the Hpal mana regen nerf, now we might be able to dampen and stay in the fight while other healers (except Rsham) have to look for drinks which opens up opportunities.

Obviously we are still not in a great spot as can still die so easily in a stun, we have to cast all our heals and our big CDs are weak…but it’s a start. The concurrent Hpal nerf might see us improve more than our own changes suggest when comparing against other healers overall.

Would be nice though if they buffed Cocoon’s absorb more and reduced Fort Brew’s CD back to 1.5min. Then I think we’d be in a pretty good spot.



The mana regen thing is pretty nice. I have been in 2s before where me and my partner are staying alive and the only thing that kills us when we’re on a team with a h pally is that I go oom and the hpally has full mana.

I dunno, It doesn’t stop us being globaled, mana regen is nice… But mana hasn’t been my main issue in PVP. Let me cast my bubble while being stunned to mitigate damage + the new cocoon affix would be better than nothing.

At least my Life Cocoon will be off cd when I die in a stun. That way I can just blame myself for failing to preempt every single kidney shot/cheap shot the rogue had.

Whilst I’m a fan of small incremental buffs, its pretty clear MW needs more. So lets hope MW this is just the beginning.


What I really want to know is why did the +20% mana regen not roll over to PVE, feelsbadman for the raiders/m+ players.


Cause you don’t need it in PVE!

I get your point, its not impossible to do content as mistweaver, but it sure is easier to heal m+ on my druid/pally because I’m not drinking every 2-3 mob pulls in m+. Yes, if played perfectly and with a good group, this isn’t necessary, but as far as stupid damage needing oh s*** heals vs any other healer, we are lacking significantly. As far as nice easy instant cast no set up healing, we are lacking. I mean seriously there are 2 playstyles being completely ignored for the botched healing style we are pigeonholed into right now. It just feels clunky vs all other xpacs.

I ask you this, considering just straight channeling soothing and burst healing off of it, if soothing (which does not heal that much) was free, would that be so bad? Would that make you want to go back to the old play style of monk? It is only 200mps, but is a waste of mana in pve. So why not make it free? This would bring back the old healing style that we know and love.

Our class was designed as the turret smart healing class, and that was taken away from us, don’t you remember? Throwing out a statue that was essentially our back up mini healer. Spreading around renewing mist as our hot, without having to be afraid of going oom trying to spread it around. Having an answer for if a player is trying to global you in pvp with megabubble.

I get it, you want to say, “but look at the math,” “Look at my personal guild experience.” Math doesn’t = real situations, and while you are indeed a great monk and I am sure a great healer, the casual player-base and the pug world and the PVP mistweavers are suffering. 3/4ths of your fellow monks are suffering.

While math works, look at the forums, there are so many people desperately trying to get their beloved class back. We are struggling, maybe not in math, but in real situations.

I love you, you are a fellow mistweaver, but I disagree wholeheartedly with your 7 words.


MW buffs are already meme worthy on Reddit, partly due to this one.
They could add +20% healing (in PVP) and MW still sucks b/c they flop in a stun.


I think the scary part here, is Blizzard proved they can balance based on PVP and not both, so why is there such a problem between balance because of PVE, just make things happen differently in PVP. Example “The Hunt” (which hit me for 20k the other day) damage decreased by 50% while engaged with a player.

Great example I could think of is:

“While engaged with a player, under the effects of stun Fortifying Brew reduces damage by an additional 50%.”

This would not be that strong considering the pressure from DPS right now is unreal, it just makes one shot player abilities not a thing."

Our class was designed with fistweaving / mistweaving in mind. They kept mistweaving for the lazy monks.

This whole you can’t play in pugs is completely wrong. I got my AOTC in a pug the second week CN was out. All my keys are done in pugs. I actually avoid my guild tbh. I find pugs do better. I don’t understand how you guys keep coming to the conclusion that we don’t have the healing/mana for pugs. I never really have mana problems in 10+ or higher keys because of prideful. Even in 15’s we have no mana problems.

2 playstyles that we completely ignore?? I am only aware of 2 playstyles we have in general which both are seen in mythic CN and 18+ keys. There’s no other healer who has 2 completely different playstyles in 1 spec.

Did you not play BFA??? I would assume not with this statement. BFA was so boring. We sat there and spammed essence font + RJW + Renewing Mist. That was something close to 70% of our healing. SO BORING.

Why would you use something that is more inefficient then just spamming vivify? It doesn’t make any sense. We had soothing mist so we could generate chi. The old days are over. I don’t think Blizzard will go back as well.

Like I said, I avoid my guild for mythic + keys. I did AOTC before my guild was even 6/10heroic.

No reason to rework a spec because it isn’t meta for 1 season. This is the same spec that was meta in 8.3.

No no no no. Most of the forum monks like to claim they love the spec. When most don’t stick with the spec they “love”. Most don’t even try or realize they aren’t World first raiders nor do any of them do 18+ keys.

Most of these forum monks have no reason to complain PVE when they don’t even do the content they complain about. I can understand complaining about PVP but not PVE.

Not every complaint is about numbers or viability. I’ve been a monk since MOP launch and I prefer the old playstyle with stances and mana tea and healing spheres and uplift. I’m only a heroic raider. That doesn’t invalidate my opinion because it has nothing to do with viability.


This is rude. Some people like playing casters? Its not about being lazy. I signed up for monk for the mistweaving, not the kicking. On release in MoP they could do that, just mistweave.

There is still a build for it now, but no reason to say strictly mistweaver players are lazy. I play a healer to heal and that is fine. No need to be rude about it.

Holy Pallys got Holy Power back recently. There is a chance for Chi to come back.


Sad, but true. Let us hope blizz will do something to help remedy this in two weeks.

Nope most of the complaints are people mad because they failed a mythic+ and instantly blame the spec for their failures or others.

The “bring the old mistweaver back” has been a thing since legion’s pathetic rework and I even agree with it. But most of the forum complaints are not that. Don’t try to pull this card. It looks weak.

It is lazy. All healers should be dps-ing. For monk fistweaving happens to be the best healing style right now. Why not dps? If people didn’t treat monk like a Hpriest they wouldn’t have many of the problems they complain about. If you’re playing a mistweaver you can’t even chain cast in raid due to mana so what are you doing? You should always be doing dps if you are not healing.

Typically when you see a healer who doesn’t dps that means they’re probably a bad healer. This usually works out to be true. Hpriest in general is a sign of a bad healer as well.

Ok, so in general an entire spec is a lazy bad healer.

They can toss out an occasional Smite or Pain. And yes if you are not healing, you can dps. But again like I said, some people play healers to heal. They like healing, thats why they made a healer. Design shifted a while back so dps is important even on healers, can’t deny that, but like all healers have a similar thing, resto shaman will use lava shock and burst and occasional LB, but they won’t be casting a bunch of lightning bolt spams because generally theres not enough time. Holy priest can do a holy shock, pain, and some smites. Resto druid has their sun/moonfire and some wraths, its the same thing. I don’t understand why you blocked off Hpriest as lazy too.

I don’t like fistweaving, but love the aesthetic, theme, etc. of Mistweaver, I’ve been playing it since MoP, I made a healer to heal, yes I will occasionally have to dps because of design decisions that I didn’t agree with in the first place. But calling an entire spec lazy because of that is disrespectful to say the least.

Either way for someone who wants more people to like monk, you are not being very inviting. You have said before across other threads that monk doesn’t need buffs and if they like the class they should play it, but then also say people who are mistweavers as opposed to fistweavers are lazy. But you also say:

You seem to really care about monk, but insulting people is not a good way to get people to your viewpoint.

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what part was insulting?

You still deal damage as a mistweaver. Even if you have ToM / upwelling you should still be doing a lil bit of damage. You aren’t GCD locked as a mistweaver.

Rdruid has boomchicken / catweaving. But also to be fair, they can actually cast non-stop and be GCD locked.

Hpriest is just a lazy worthless spec. OMG I cannot stand this spec. Why play hpriest if you have disc. Disc is the best healer by a mile. Its so amazing to have that type of healing. Hence all the good priests end up as disc. People don’t understand how great the bubble healing is.

Hpriest create bad healers. They stand in 1 spot and spam heal on random people without a care in the world. There’s going to be a few good hpriest but most are bad. Bad mechanics / healers in general. Everyone tells people who are new to healing to go play Hpriest for a reason.

Even as Rshaman you should still be doing a lil bit of dps. Also another class who can be GCD locked so it isn’t the end of the world. They at least bring massive amounts of utility.

If you see an Hpally who isn’t dealing damage as they heal you should run away from that healer. Hpally is so broken right now with their damage. A few days ago I saw an hpally go oom on mythic Huntsman. I wanted to kick that pally out of the raid so fast. He even got innervate! My theory holds up so well.

The spec is literally called Lazyweaver. It’s in another thread down below. A great name! Add to the thread!

We have Mistweavers / Fistweavers / Lazyweavers!!! That’s the 3rd playstyle!!!

edit: I found that thread. You should like it. The thread is called Alternative build than fist weaving for M+ << Written by Psychi!

Nah, lost some key stats that made you beefier, our main gimp atm.

  • Statue nerf to 8 secs, not 30.
  • FB nerf, slight.
  • Conflict & Strife <---- Lol @ this one /wrists
  • Versatile Corruption