Maladath Server needs RDF

It literally still is; I just leveled a troll druid using it on Dragonlands

And chatting with people a continent away in LFG chat is okay?

And inviting random names off the LFG list is okay?

Inviting people literally a continent away and talking to them in part is okay?

“muh immersion” lol


Anyone else find it interesting how there’s a sudden bombardment of RDF threads by toons with less than 10 posts on the forums?

It’s the reason why the Dungeon Finder was introduced. Everyones done leveling alts, very few do it, and so the people that are leveling and or like to lvl alts are having a hard time finding dungeon groups

Yep, there were a few days without RDF threads, and suddently, there’s 20 active again.

And there are like 2 or 3 people keeping them active, and their profiles are hidden.

according to to multiple census sites My server Atiesh has less than 2k horde on each day and 13k alliance.

we also need RDF

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Kind of weird both sides seem to do that huh? Lol

hmm, insulting and nothing constructive added to conversation… anti rdf troll. gotcha.

maladath is NOT dead, it has a vibrant economy and tons of people sitting at flight points and camped out in the cities doing nothing waiting to raid log. alts arent getting leveled en masse because of lack of dungeon finder, and people are choosing to run with guildies instead of fight through hours of lfg spam waiting to get a group

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anyone find it interesting that 90% of the anti rdfers are the same dozen alts?

why is it okay for anti rdf’ers to hide their profiles or post on alts but not for pro rdf’ers? oh and what about the anti rdf’ers tracking people down to home servers to troll them in LFG chat, swamp them in whispers and accuse pro rdf characters of toxic chat and getting characters silenced by reporting on mutiple alts?

yeah sure, you have to accept there will be some idiots on both sides, but accusing everyone of the same crime isnt very wise.

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For someone with over 3k posts, it’s a very weird take to act as if RDF threads are new. Been pretty consistent for over 6 months now. There’s absolutely nothing sudden about players wanting to tell incompetent devs that WotLK should have WotLK features.


My profile isn’t hidden.


The irony.

mine isnt hidden either.


The irony when he hides on low level alts.

Is it possible to add RDF to a single server?

If they add RDF to a server it should be a fresh start server since that would be free from

We could see how RDF looks in a vacuum.

Maybe RDF just doesn’t work on established servers. There were no fresh in OG Wrath.

If they add RDF to a fresh server everyone who wants RDF will go there.

That will just make server issues worse there.

I like DPS and benefit from RDF so I know I would re roll there.

If you want to depopulate older servers I guess that might work though :man_shrugging:

Which may well be inline with Retail design decisions, but not inline with what the devs plan for Classic.

What I have done in the past, during WoW Classic and TBC Classic has been to find or create Dungeon Leveling guilds.

If you’re actively leveling, on during regular hours, advertising your guild and dungeon runs, and regularly inviting people, you should be able to form a nice community within a few days…

Keep in mind that they wanted to settle this topic before launch: