Making Mobs have a Debuff VS Nerfing Mages

so the hardcore community will have something to say to this as some things are only able to be done with snares and roots and now due to Mages AoE grind/ Boost we are giving mobs invulnerability? Blizzard step back and access what you are doing to the WHOLE game before implementing wild things like a mob that becomes a god vs nerfing the class making it so easy. Thanks. ALSO d/c is ridiculous on these flight paths.

You can still poly mobs endlessly.

#somechanges just keeps getting worse and worse

and the sad thing is, after the initial excitement of SoM, the world isn’t going to be super active with people leveling.

people aren’t going to decide to level that 6th character to 60 by questing and running dungeons. they will simply play fewer alts.

in and of itself, that’s not a positive or negative thing, but it does mean that this gameplay change isn’t going to bring about the intended outcome.

so now we’re in a situation where Blizzard keeps making changes, and those changes aren’t going to turn out as desired, so then people will demand #morechanges, and after only a few iterations you reach a point where you don’t even recognize classic WoW any longer.

These changes are good starting points; I am sure they will beta test and we may see more as needed.

It looks like they are specifically targeting boosting and high gold aoe farms (I’m sure something will be done for ZG, but considering that’s 3 phases away they probably don’t care about it atm- you build for phase 1).


Do you think the nerf solo gold farms for mages seems a bit much since hunters can still do solo tribute and things like lasher farm and jump runs still exist?

I think it’s a beta.

The point isn’t to eliminate every farm or technique, just the most easily botted or most efficient.

If hunter solo farm is too strong, it should be nerfed too. And it might still be in the works- they seem to be listening to the community for once.

The hunter solo farms are nothing compared to mage boosting. I played hunter for a lot of classic and towards the end herbing in the plaguelands became just as, if not more lucrative than soloing DMT. You would have 0 chance at getting even half the amount of gold herbing or doing any form of farm outside of boosting.

I don’t see an issue with hunter DMT or lock princess runs etc. because I believe the G per hour is a realistic amount that other classes can match doing their own farms, but mage boosting is 5 times the gold per hour of DMT solo runs.

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You are 100% wrong. Hunters made HUGE amounts of gold in classic. ESPECIALLY as bots. And they made a lot of it instances like Dire Maul North.

Blizzard also needs to nerf the Hunter instance farms.

Hunters can do the ZG boosting just like mages, it just takes longer. In fact hunters were doing it first. Mages stole the idea.

Did you play classic? If you think a hunter can get anywhere near what a mage could make selling boosts you are off your head

You obviously don’t understand the hunter farms or how bots leveraged them. Most of the bots in classic were hunters and rogues.

I’m not talking about bots, I’m talking about players selling boosts to make 500g an hour, the amount of indonesian mage gold farmers on my server was insane.

I’m talking about bots who farm 24/7 and make as much gold in total or more gold in total, just less gold per hour.

You see, bots don’t sleep, eat, use the restroom, work, or have feelings. They just farm.

Yeah, and a big reason people bought gold and supported botting unintentionally was due to mage boosts requiring such a huge amount of gold.

And they bought the gold for mage boost from hunter bots who farmed DM north 24/7, 7 days a week.

Get a clue please.

You could make a bot farm with any class and if it was running 24/7 it would make a huge amount of gold. Mages selling boosts for huge amounts of gold and GDKPs were the 2 single reasons that RMT and botting became a huge problem in classic wow.

Hunter bots and rogue bots were some of the most profitable and the most widely used.

I’m not saying they weren’t, what I am saying is the reason that people botted like this is due to mage boosting and GDKP. If they weren’t as prevalent then there wouldn’t of been a need for such crazy amounts of gold. So maybe read what I am saying before telling me to get a clue.

At the end of the day a mage making 500g an hour was a huge cause for the economies issues. Without it there will still be botting, but hopefully there will be less because not such a huge amount of the player base will require such a huge amount of gold to level alts with 0 effort.

The amount of gold per hour is meaningless. It is about total gold earned. And bots can make more total gold because THEY PLAY MORE HOURS.

Do you even math.

But people don’t need as much gold without mage boosting around, making it more lucrative for a bot to roll on another style of wow server if not many people are buying gold. Mage boosts contributed to huge amounts of the player base performing RMT to pay for these boosts. If less people are buying gold there will be less bots.

You are completely clueless. Because mages can’t farm gold now in SoM where do you think it will all come from?

Hunter and rogue bots. <---------

People will still need gold and GDKPs are going to be a major thing because loot is going to be scarce.

Bot farmers are looking at these mage nerfs and salivating over all of the gold they will be making in SoM if Blizzard doesn’t fix the hunter farms in DM North and the rogue farm in BRD.

If you think otherwise you are going to be VERY disappointed.