Unfortunately covenants lack class.

Give me a reason why player choice is such a bad thing, please.


Players are mired in self serving bias, and have no scope of what is good for the game because they can’t see past their own shoes.

There are good sets of choices, bad sets of choices, and reasons to offer no choice at all.

Agreed. Make us have meaningful choice again.

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you dont have to follow the top nobody is putting a gun to your head and making you. do what you want make your meaningful choice right now stick with your same talent choices for the xpac if its such a good system.

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Please people if you don’t like the power link to covenants express it in


Don’t give this thread power it doesn’t deserve.


I understand this, but when you’re in a raid, and unable to perform to the high degree because you’re stuck to a certain power because the game is making you, when you know you can be better at it, you should be able to switch, right?

It’s like if I took DPS gems and enchants in my tank gear. Even though, I know for a fact if I could switch these gems and enchants to tanking one’s, I’d be more efficient at tanking.

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Even threads trying to support covenants the way they are end up with more people against it than for it.

Sheesh. The 1% is the biggest 1% I’ve ever seen!

I think the devs intent is for this to never happen. Thus trying to kill meta style play, because nobody can choose to be optimal at all content.

Do you not understand how groupthink works?

I certainly understand how you work and I’m not falling for this one again!

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Oh come on … i have 62 minutes to kill till gamescom.

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That’s what they’re doing anyway. They just made them even more temporary.

It’s only a necessary evil because they feel like they need to reinvent the wheel every two years.

this has always been the case, our choices or actions never had an effect on the game at all
we’ve always followed the route Blizzard prepared for us
at least in BFA Sylvanas loyalist got a cinematic as a reward

right, but gear was borrowed power, it lasted just during that expansion, same deal with tier sets, we got them " yoinked " from us and they didn’t work anymore

I’ve lost like, one ability from UH dk, and it was a talent now, as a shadow priest I lost one ability, too, frost death knight, we lost frostwyrm fury, got it as a talent
we don’t know what’s going to happen after Shadowlands
we kept some of the cool spells after Legion, we’re losing corruptions because they’re boring passive effects that deal x% damage when they proc

Might be the intent, but doesn’t work in practice. Just divides to cummunity even more. A Necrolord warlock will be infinitely stronger in all content than Night Fae warlock unless Soul Rot receives a huge revamp. That’s only one example of one class.

Oh yeah it’s gonna fail hard and result in an even tighter meta now that there’s a extra filter.


Which is why it’s highly doubtful that they’ll suddenly do anything different with covenants. We’ll go through the expansion and the overall storyline will be the same no matter which covenant you pick.

Gear was replaced by better gear and tier sets were nowhere near as powerful as things like artifact weapons, azerite traits, essences, or corruptions.

We’re also losing azerite traits and essences.

And a Zandalari one, at that

But he has a point; if they’re so determined to force this system on us without switching, why not have it stick?

If the “meaningful choice” thing really matters, make it matter the entire expansion.

Either double down, or back it the hell up.

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doubtful sure but Blizzard despite the terrible reputation they have now are known for fixing a lot of mistakes on their games… reaper of souls was known for fixing a lot of issues with Diablo 3, Ion admitted that the selfie patch shouldn’t be called a patch, and we had better paced content in Legion, and I don’t really play other Blizzard games :stuck_out_tongue: I don’t think we’d be playing and paying to play a game we hate and have no faith whatsoever, I really can’t imagine someone having 0 faith in Blizzard to make a good choice and giving them money, like, imagine simping for a company, lol
again, I think Blizzard will eventually add more quests for covenants and we’ll learn more and more from them
who knows, maybe if we stick with the Venthyr we’ll know if the san’layn will join the horde eventually, or more about Kael, or someone, there are a lot of important characters in these covenants, I doubt they do nothing with them

eh, some tier sets were amazing and very powerful, too, and interesting aswell, some had really fun effects too…sure they might have not been as powerful, but they even changed your playstyle a bit, unlike essences or corruption, imo.

haven’t checked all classes but arent’ UH death knights keeping the chains that tie you to your ghoul? idk, I never found passive effects to be that fun… infinite stars is " sometimes, you target for some reason a starfall on your enemy "
and uh, " sometimes you rupture your target for bleed damage "
they’re not even themed to suit your class, why would me, a frost death knight, make my enemy bleed? isn’t that a rogue thing? why would I have a star dropping on my enemy for arcane damage? isn’t that a druid thing?
at least with the covenants it makes a bit more sense, if I join the night fae, they’ll " teach me " how to do this, I wont just get it from a random drop…
and essence was pretty much the same, yeah the laser beam was pretty cool ngl but the rest? " you do x% of fire damage "
do you like this? or would you rather have a badass ice dragon spit ice from the sky and freeze your enemies? what would you keep if you had to pick one?

That is mechanically impossible. The issues right now are not numbers tuning but rather core mechanical issues with the abilities. It’s literally impossible to balance and pull them into that range without just making them different flavored clones of each other.

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