Make Onyxia buff npcs immune to CC but not MC

Atm, if a rogue saps the npc or they get polymorphed during the yell RP. The head will go on cooldown but no buff will go out. Keeps happening on Skeram


It’s probably supposed to be on cooldown anyway.

Working as intended, unlike the exploit that lets you keep getting the buff on demand.


No. This is just part of the game.


Are you daft?

If you cc the npc after someone does the turn in when it isnt on cd, it will go on cd and no buff will go out.

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That is what these anti buff players want. I mean it is a easy problem to solve, have some hunters throw flares and aoe around the NPC before turning in.


or a mage resses and pom sheeps him? What you gotta do about that

If the dragon buff was on cooldown, the NPC wouldn’t be yelling in the first place.

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I haven’t seen a successful NPC reset performed in months.

Dispell him.

You might have fotgotten, but Skeram is a PvP server. If you can’t deal with one rogue with 99:1 Horde:Alliance ratio, I suggest you either git gud or transfer to a PVE server.


This, it’s for your faction to solve together. Moments like this make Classic.


Lol no it’s not

And this is why.


Disable world buffs in raid. Kill the root cause


That sure doesn’t sound like working as intended.

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This person frequently comments on the Classic boards…but they don’t actually play Classic nor seem to know much about it.

So, deal with a unblockable mechanic? As soon as the RP shout starts any cc even if it’s .1 seconds long will stop the buff from casting.


Too late. Basically, it is completely unblockable.

The CC needs to be up for the entire speech for it to brick the event (this is why sap is the most reliable way to deny the buff). We’ve had mages try to sheep it, even some bold warriors try to use rocket helmet. Dispel it and the drop goes out as normal.

Asking to make it immune to CC but not MC :rofl:

Exploit a game mechanics using cross faction collusion = pls don’t fix it
Can’t kill a poor rogue in 1v100 = pls fix



cant a rogue just stealth to the NPC and sap without having to engage the hypothetical 100 enemy players in your scenario?