Make blood elves unique again

You wish.
Snaps fingers. A Felguard materializes behind her throne.
Thank you darling, would you kindly escort this… gentleman?
The Felguard makes a gesture with his finger across his neck.
No need darling, the entrance to the grounds will do. Make sure you lock the gate behind you.

That sounds simply divine!

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Void Elves should have been Horde.
But no one listens to me. :crying_cat_face:

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Night elf and void elf solidarity. :handshake:

Truly we are the most beautiful of our kind.


“oh man that commander was racist, let’s join the guys who destroyed our city”

Says the one who made this thread to cry about Alliance Thalassian elves.


This is cringe.

It is true that blood elves look better than night elves as circus clowns. However, I don’t think they’re jealous.

It’ll be okay little elf. We love and appreciate you.

Without the blood elves, we never would have gotten their void superiors.


I’m sorry to say but the Blood Elves aren’t that unique at all. They are a rip off of the High Elf model that had been in the game before Blood Elves were even a playable race.


sorry buckeroo but the high elf model in classic was a night elf model.


Sorry but not sorry. I race changed my wrath era blood elf DK to a void elf as soon as they got DK options. Void elf DK, spriest or locks are superior to the blood elf options

It’s not Sunday yet for these kind of posts.

I disagree.

Thalassian Elves originally on the Alliance. Not all left. Perfectly fine for them to be playable on the Alliance.

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Blood Elves on the Horde was a mistake. Just because it “happened many years ago” doesn’t erase that mistake.


After the work that was done to dye blood elves purple?
Not to mention the customizations that will make them the same as they were before they were painted purple, so that they can pretend to be High Elves who didn’t call themselves sindorei?

I think the placebo is here to stay. :man_shrugging:

Void elves are those that escaped Lorthemar “re education “ center. I for one welcome them back into the fold.

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What reason would that be, Betamale?



Cope harder.

Not any more
And as a void elf thats rich coming from you

hi pot :slight_smile: