Maintenance Extended to 1:00 a.m. PDT in this Region

Hopefully people don’t get baited by this.

try overshooting

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Problems with the in-game mail. There is a blue post explaining it.

The fact that they only pushed it back 1 hr tells me that it could could come up literally any minute, they just have to put it at 1hr increments.

Players cried for new “original” content for Classic instead of playing retail… and they got it. World of Forever Downcraft.


they have given apologize and explanation here

Can’t we all just get along?

LOL I have never seen any game company use the words “Promise” when they give updates on when a patch will be and when the servers will be back up. So are you telling me you would have rather played the game all messed up and glitched than to play it a lot more smoothly? I mean this is a game pixel’s its not like you are going to die if you don’t get to play it for 12 hours. Oh I am not complaining lol I am more laughing at all of you because it is really dumb to piss and moan over a game lol…

if we knew, most would have went to bed. whoever estimating the remaining time is one dumb mfer.

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Everyone on here complaining and threatening to quit, go get a snickers and take a nap. Animal crackers and apple juice will be on the table when you wake up. The adults will be playing prepatch when it launches.

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Does “pretty much” mean u will forget this and play mindlessly until the next time they do this exact same thing?

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so uh… you guys didn’t think to do a test on how you were gonna duplicate mail to new servers?

I am about to graduate from school with a bachelors in game design. One of the biggest things that got brought up and we should recognize is DEADLINES. Even if we feel like our project would be late we would give a larger timeline to where we would guaranteed be covered. This was supposed to be ready at 5 PM CST, it’s now hopefully going to be at 3 AM CST. I would have been happier if instead of stringing us along that they just said come back at 10 CST or whatever.


omg lol that was great

Problem just fixing the In-game store services as this is something new.

The new Matrix Remake won’t be the same without Samuel Jackson.

I’ve already flip flopped from not playing ever again, to playing, to not. Posted on reddit and twitter. What do I do now?

Opened a ticket asking for a 1 day credit of game time. Last time anything was this bad was the WoD launch and they gave out game time then.

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I mean, the mail is still part of their servers, but to be honest, it shouldn’t take them 10 extra hours to fix the mail, there’s been talk that character data got messed with.

I renewed my account specically for this. If i cancel it it they still get a months worth of income out of me.

That’s the entire reason they didnt do anything to ready themselves for this complete failure, The money is already there, hence the bait and switch claiming a game will launch when everyone from the devs to the testers knew it wasnt ready.

We spend money. Shareholders get money. Blizzard panders. We move on because people still defend shady business practices but who cares we finally got our cake. rinse and repeat.