Mail Recovery in SoD

Blizz just BTFO’d peoples power level Phase 2 strat.

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Mail is 15, item is 7 I believe.

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That’s probably where I got confused.

Haha, get wrecked everyone who was trying to stockpile 100’s of these things.


Not surprising they made this change as it was clearly a mechanic abuse.

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Doesn’t this allow people to do it for 48 hours after the purge of marks? Shouldn’t you push the purge until feb 8th?

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Actually its two weeks, cause its mail restore, not item restore.

O M G its Kaivax
he still exists!

Its been 2 weeks since we heard any information on anything… your official first information for phase 2…

Dont stack WSG, because no.


Since they can’t be restored the longest people could farm is 24 hours before launch since that’s how long they last in your mailbox.

But honestly who didn’t see this coming from miles away when we learned this was doable.

Except theres:

  1. Item Restore
  2. Mail Restore

So, you have two options here.

  1. You destroy the ones in your bag, accept the new ones. Restore -items-.
  • 1 week cooldown
  1. You let the ones in your mailbox -expire-. Use the -mail- restore option.
  • 2 week cooldown

But they cannot be found wandering the world? Like everyone’s unused Marks combined into a to a roaming world boss, or just singular marks trying to find their ways home, akin to Homeward Bound.

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All marks earned after maintenance on the 6th day will become found by time of the 8th.

Hope you don’t like premades, because that new world boss is a premade made up of premades.


Like Sharknado but with premades.


I actually agree with you.

Did they remove the weekly turn in restriction on this somewhere that I missed? Cause that’s a lot of weeks of waiting if you’re trying to level with it.

Go ahead and scroll up so you can see what I am talking about since you think you know more than me lmfao. Why are players in this game so quick to try and make someone look dumb because they think they are right?

No clue what you are even trying to say here.

look dumb