Mage/Rogue/Spriest most ZUGZUG

MAGE/ROGUE/PRIEST players, this post isn’t for you. Anyone else remember when these classes /spec were considered skill?! Times have changed.

They’re anti skill now.

They’re strong because overtuned with too much utility and fast damage. All a Rogue needs is a little burst from a ranged caster that requires no setup and easy CC for the other two targets to not peel.

Why is it ever allowed for a Rogue of any spec to do 75% of someone’s health while stunned? For many classes the ONLY counter is trinket. Then you die. What other class brings this threat of single target damage so fast?!

Then you have Mage damage that can’t be stopped. There was a time where you had to be good to play most of the Mage specs to get out damage because they had only one school of Magic. Now all specs are doing good damage from all schools. Let’s not forget the hardest to counter CC in the game. ANYTHING that removes Fear should also remove Poly. It’s a horrible design flaw that Poly became the god of spammable CC with the fewest counters.

Spriest lawl: Instant Fear/Blanket/Stun and Mind.

There will never again be an AWC cup
team winner without one of these horribly designed and always busted specs.

MAGE/ROGUE/PRIEST players, this post isn’t for you.

What’s better? It can’t be Fear because there’s this other spammable CC, I think it’s Cyclone?

Fear and Cyclone share way worse DRs than anything Poly shares with.

Warlock/Boomie hasn’t been able to play with Fears/Blind/Cyclone sharing Dr is straight stupid. Either Cyclone or Blind needs to be on Poly DR.

No other comp can CC anything as long as Mage/Rogue, Spriest/Rogue, and Spriest/Mage.

Why do you think these are always the OP classes? They don’t have counterplay.

not gonna argue which is worse DR wise cuz it doesn’t matter

poly instantly breaks on damage making it the only spammable CC with a positional requirement and heals the target to full

when arcane is the best spec, it also locks you out of doing real damage when kicked

these threads never cease to amaze me

I honestly can’t tell if this post is just fundamentally bad or a super good troll

this dude tried to put fire mage in the same category as ret a couple weeks ago not knowing that fire is the worst DPS spec in the game representation wise at the time

no idea if the 5% buff did anything for it tho

i don’t think he’s a troll, just a seething glue-eater

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Yea, roll a mage and come dominate with us!!!

MAGE/ROGUE/PRIEST players, this post isn’t for you.

Melee players losing their minds because a mage stopped them from walking up to someone and globaling them will never stop being funny


iirc this dude mains an rshaman which only makes this funny cuz shaman hard counters mage in almost every way

i get that shaman gets dumpstered by rogue, but the mage hate is laughable

correction- mains lock

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I have before, quit after 2300. Way back when there was a skillful Frost before the crayon eating Fire/Arcane became meta.

How do you lose as an rshaman to a mage. That’s like losing a fight to a guy in a wheelchair when he didn’t even show up.
Yawn, on my phone and you deserve this trash photoshop since you think you’re inspector gadget.

Where’d you get that bs inspector? I only have one Rdruid.

fwiw the people who said rogue / mage / priest took skill were all rogues mages and priests.

but i’d say it holds true in wotlk. really heavily punished comp in wrath.

blame Check-PvP my guy

This is what I look like combust pyro fb pyro fb pyro fb pyro spamming someone in a smoke bomb. You can’t purge or stop it anymore :dracthyr_hehe_animated:

and then just like Cell, they walk away :cry:

No one walks away from sin rogue right now :joy:


Honestly, seeing these same classes dominate AWC every time gets old really fast.

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