Mage Tower too difficult? Boycott it

It doesn’t. You are scaled now. Not matter what.

Your secondary stats + consumables do a big difference even with scaling.

That is not an option here.
You are looking at older gear mostly for that ‘edge’.
It scales too so you can’t just get better gear per se.

Many casuals, particularly on this forum, adamantly refuse to do any group content of any kind.

What is the barrier to entry for a mythic 0 or a normal raid? I’ll tell you now, it’s not very high, especially this late into the patch.

If the reward isn’t worth it, then don’t do it. The reward to many overcoming the challenge, not the set of gear.

Explain to me the difference, and why WoW isn’t something that makes you want to grind?

But some people like overcoming challenges, that is what’s fun to them.

Why is what you want more important than what others want?

I’m not calling it a boycott, but I’m not running it because, personally, I don’t feel the rewards are worth the frustration. To me, the set recolors are meh. The mount is nice, but doing all the towers for it, yeah, no thanks. If my not running it helps them decide to rethink the rewards, that’s cool, but that’s not my goal in not running it, enjoying myself while not wasting my time is.


They’re working on it.

Makes sense, you “need” something but aren’t willing to put in the effort to get it so you want it for nothing.

Blizz has advertised the mage tower as being a challenge from the beginning. You just set your own false expectations for it and are now disappointed. Also using hyperbole to reinforce your fake statistics isn’t fooling anyone.


This is the takeaway here.

It’s supposed to be challenging

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The mage tower just shows that there are players out there that think they should have an easy path to every reward the game offers which is just not how things have ever worked or should ever work.

There are literally hundreds of transmogs options out there that are easily obtainable. Having one armor set tied to a difficult challenge is not the problem. People need to stop acting like it’s impossible


Seems like an issue Blizzard should really address.

You didn’t even read my comment. I said, casual players want the full package, not just do bare minimum content. But it’s so difficult to actually step your foot into experiencing the full content, that the effort just outweighs the rewards and they lose interest.

It doesn’t feel good when you grind out something for an entire expansion just to have it become obsolete. It constantly feels as if your efforts are fleeting and doesn’t make a significant impact as to how your character actually progresses. Artifact weapons had this problem, Heart of Azeroth had this problem, and generally gear have had this problem as well where even the top of the playerbase complained that they had to lose their gear they worked so hard for just for it to be replaced by something that was nowhere near the amount of effort they had to put in. This problem still exists, but is now exasperated.

My expectations are based on difficulty of all other timewalking content. Mage tower supposed to be same difficulty. But Blizzard failed to deliver properly tuned quality content.


You’re so mad lmao every comment you’re mad, I love it. Can’t wait to see some more

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I think the idea of organizing a “boycott” is pointless. People who are not happy, who feel they subbed because of misleading advertising are leaving or will leave on their own, because there is so little to do in the game right now for them. I mean, that’s why they were on break.

Based on what? When did they ever say the mage tower would be the same difficulty as a time walking dungeon?

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I think he’s referring to MT as it was in Legion.

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Timewalking means timewalking difficulty. Simple as that. Not mythic or heroic difficulty. Timewaking.

Hahaha you really are spare parts bud

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How is it not exclusively a player issue? They’re choosing to not partake in content in the game.

How is it difficult, in what ways?

So what is the solution to this? Never get anything new ever? Never upgrade everything?

How do you propose we add new things to the game if you never want to phase anything out?

He’s definitely not. Also after the nerfs they pushed out this difficulty is very much in line with how difficult MT was when it first was released.

It means whatever Blizzard wants it to mean. The mage tower return was always advertised as the return of the original challenge. Just because you refused to read that or acknowledge it doesn’t mean that Blizzard lied to you.

This is the first timewalking challenge mode they’ve done. This is timewalking difficulty. If they did timewalking challenge modes from MoP, they’d probably be pretty difficult as well.

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